Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Follow Up

Its Done!! My fan is up and running and cooling us all off as we speak! For all of you that missed the excitement in our home, just read my last post and get filled in on how I almost DIDN'T electrocute my hubby.

What pizazz it adds. The first night it was up, I left my bedroom door open as I laid in bed so  I could gaze at it while I played games with my phone tried to fall asleep at night. Im in love.

I am so grateful that we were able to build our home but after over 3 years of living here, we still are adding things that most previously existing homes already would have! Like fans, storm doors, window treatments, bushes, trees, fences, and such. All those "little" odds and ends that, in the end, cost a fortune. Because of how costly it all is, we have taken our time and have purchased things when we can. But let me tell you, Its SO NICE to finally start crossing things off at a faster speed.
So, I would think twice before I decide to build again.. unless we had the money to get them added during construction... I think that would be the only way I sign on the dotted line and break ground. (and painters... you know how I need color y'all)

NOT that Im thinking of moving. No Sir-e. I'm quite content right where I am at. As a matter of fact, im still scarred by moving 2 times in 4 months... If I had to grow old and die in this home, I might be happy as a clam! Im praising God that the our southern spring is here. Flowers are all peaking thru the ground and buds are on the trees... The kids spend a lot of time outdoors and I am sprucing up our back porch. New tablecloth and my houseplants go out back for some fresh air. Our porch becomes another room for us to enjoy... and after a winter couped up in our house we need need need the extra space. Time for some MAJOR SPRING CLEANING to be happening in our home so we won't NEED to move to a bigger house.

Anywho... I really have no clue what our whole future holds but for now I will sit back and bless THIS nest!

My New Living Room Fan!

Hubs putting up the bedroom fan!

My New Footsies for my tootsies!

 Hubs also installed our bedroom ceiling fan (just darling) and our other fan in the little girls room. As a thank you to him, I bought myself these pretty sparkling shoes. He LOVES my feet (don't ask me why???) So I bought myself him a lil bit of eye candy. ;)

Pretty cute huh?

Time for me to go. I just discovered the Skee Ball app on my iphone and will be playing it all night... maybe.


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