Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mish Mosh...

Happy Tuesday to you all. I apologize in advance for the boring post but there are just a couple of things I want to tell you about!

And please, please, please don't skip over this. I worked very hard on these added changes (even though to most it was probably oober simple)

I lost at least 1/16th of my hair from pulling it out and editing all my HTML's (NOT fun)

So humor me, will ya?

I also have a cool link and another announcement at the end if you make it thru... ;)

At the bottom of each post I added a facebook like button. If you do enjoy reading that particular post PLEASE just click it. That way I can know what you enjoy reading the most and what {yawn} bores you...

I also added share buttons opposite of the facebook like button. It makes social networking that much easier....

I LOVE it. In one click you can twitter, fb, blog or email the post you like. Pretty nifty huh...

I think so.

My Sis-In-Law also finally made a public blog. WHOO HOO.

She has one that is private and I enjoy it but the new one is so super cute.

She is married to my hubby's "lil" brother.

I stress little 

because actually he is like 6 ft something...


He also looks nothing like my hubs


They live in Utah and have 2 kids...

Her youngest baby girl is only 2 weeks older than Miss P.

Even though they are 2 weeks apart, a million miles apart and have 2 different Mamas and daddies, Im convinced their twins...


Now they don't look alike. REMEMBER... their daddies look very different but their personalities are the same!!!

Its spooky... but cute.

currently they both have colds...

Pretty cool huh? Too bad they live 2,134,987 miles away.


But im hoping they will visit sometime soon.

You know, come to the south... Its wonderful to visit in the spring-time...

this spring...

But absolutely no pressure ;)

I enjoy her new blog... It shows real life. 

And I get to see those cute little kiddies.

Check it out and say Hi!

( and convince them to come down south to visit GiGi will ya?)



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