Saturday, February 5, 2011

Foodie Friday

Soooooo????? How did you like my very first Vlog? It wasn't what I originally planned. My real first Vlog was PERFECT!!! But of course I had trouble uploading and eventually had to trash it. 5 attempts later and the result is what you saw posted. But not too bad for my first try right? I plan on posting another one in a few days... Much shorter but fun none the less...

Do your kids love food shopping day as much as mine???

In my house, payday means one thing.

Mom's going out with dads money and we are coming home with a TON of stuff. Don't get too excited. 97% of it is food but someone (or two or three) is bound to come home with something extra...

And Momma needs a new pair of shoes. Know what I'm sayin?? Gotta keep my sanity somehow right? Yesterday it was in the form of a cute gray skirt and a silver necklace that jangles.

Anyway, here are some pictures of all the delicious lovelies that we bought....

Now remember... this will last maybe...Maybe two weeks (with some small exceptions)

Look how cute my Miss Muffet is??!!

Pasta was BOGO so I go and I Bo..

These made into a casserole (hashbrown casserole) are magically delicious! (also note the 3 3lb bag of rice off to the side)

My colossal size bag of onions and garlic from Costco, Tuna because Hannah is addicted and only 3 lbs of butter this time. I have no explanation for that, I usually buy a minimum of 4. What was I thinking???

The squeals of delight over this baby being thrown in our cart could be heard all throughout Costco...

Pudding is a HOT COMMODITY in our Little Red house.

All in all, shopping was a success. I shamefully admit, I went well over budget but my larder is full.

I spent the remaining day sorting and organizing all the goods. Its a huge process. Today I finished at Wal-mart and am ready for the 2 weeks ahead.

What a great way to realize how blessed we are!


  1. I would love the Hashbrown recipe. My family does a French toast version. :) Mae

  2. Love your blog and love your about me section!! I too, text waaay too much,love me some Gap, have a dog whom we adore name gigi-only b/c it is both of our children's initials(hope didn't offend you I put that:), aspire to be the best proverbs 31 woman, and homeschool! :) Love your humor btw...sounds like we are two peas in a a non wierdo, never met you but really like what you sayin' and glad you stopped by my blog, not tryin' to freak you out cuz you know they some wierdo's on the internet, friendly, sister in Christ way!!!! hahahahaaa!!!! I will be back... blessings to you!!!



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