Thursday, February 24, 2011

SInging With A Singer

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Well Ladies and ...ladies...

I DID it. I finally bought a sewing machine. It isn't the cool Hello Kitty one I showed you. This puppy was a complete impulse buy. Hubby pointed it out and told me it came with an instructional DVD. Before I knew it, I threw it in my cart. I also bought this cool skirt pattern to try out. I don't expect miracles. After all, I bought the machine and forgot I needed thread.


I know better than this right???

I should hope so.

Anyway. Its still in its box and I will open it soon. I want to rip it out but I really have no place to put it. Honestly.

I have a desk on order so once it comes I can set it up all purdy in my room.

Im still so excited though. I finally have one. Its a real nice one too AND it was on sale. The model looked very modern/retro (if that makes sense?)

I love it.

I would love to hear your imput. As a new sewer... what should I do? Where should I start and whats the easiest way to get "my feet wet??"

I appreciate any advice you can give me.

And here is a pic of my Miss P. See, I told you she twirls her hair when she is tired. This was right before she fell asleep on my bed.

She LOVES my bed. Always has. I have no clue why..

But whenever she is fussy, you will here me say...

"Go put her on my bed...."

And she is happy as a clam!

Right now its late...

Hubby is installing our new nifty ceiling fan...

Its... well, its going.

More on that tomorrow...




  1. My mom sews and tried to teach me. I am more of a needlepoint, cross-stitch, knitting and crocheting girl than a seamstress. I wish I enjoyed sewing.

    My mom gives my girls lessons and they LOVE it!

    Miss P is just THE cutest thing!!! My girls ALWAYS loved my bed. But then again, I had them basically sleep with me until they were a few months old. It was just easier for me.

  2. That skirt pattern looks cute. You must have already gotten your tax refund back. Lucky girl. My appointment is not even until next week. I love to sew but have not done it for a while. The first thing I ever made was a dress for my little girl who is not so little any more. That was about 16 years ago. Wow. My daughter is now 21. Have fun with your new machine.

  3. Lookin' good! I would advise you on something, but unfortunately I have no advice to give. I am a new sewer myself. In fact, my mom just now told me she's going to teach me how o use the sewing machine. Looks complicated :(. Eh, I'll manage. Good luck with your fab new singer! Heck, it'll create something at least a lil' better than the scrappy pillow I gave my sis for Valentine's day lol;)!

  4. My first advice would be to by cheap fabric the first time, incase you mess up it wont be on $6 a yard fabric, If you are lucky enough to have a walmart that sells fabric you can get it for $1 a yard, second dont let it bug you if it doesnt turn out right the 1, 2, or even 3rd time. But the more you try the easier it gets, I started sewing 6 years ago, I went and bought a michine and some fabric and played around and had fun. have your girls play with it too, Love your blog, God bless



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