Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanks Sweet Uncle...


Its that time of year again...

You know what I'm talkin about...

TaX TiMe!.!

Us large families like this time of year...

After 12 months of just making it and budgeting every single darn penny...

our Tax return is eagerly awaited to save/buy/stock up on things we cannot afford throughout the year.

Know what I'm sayin??

Every year we make a wish list...


As in things we really want and have been praying for.

Since we don't use credit cards...

Big purchases are always LONG awaited...

So, without further a-du...

Here is Hubs and I's wish list

(which thankfully match pretty nice which means..


After almost 15 years of marriage we will finally (maybe)
own bedroom furniture

and the above set is the exact one we want.

(and the price is just utterly affordable!!!)


Ceiling fans for the Living Room and Our master bedroom

and in the big bonus room upstairs...

And I think these are the exact ones we might buy too...

(or close )

A new sewing machine...

Yes, I know its Hello Kitty and

YES I know im 30-ishhhhhh

So your point???

I have big plans for this puppy...

A nice screen/storm door for the front of our Little Red House

( no this is not my house)

Bunk beds and lots of mattresses for all the kids. 2 are ready for big girl/boy beds and hand-me down beds will be passed around with new mattresses on them =)

Every year everyone gets new shoes , sneakers, sandals and dress shoes. Thats 24... count... 2-4 pairs of shoes for the kids. NOW do you understand WHY we wait for tax season to do this???

We also are HUGE believers in hand me downs and second hand and we use them alot because you all know these won't last all year RIGHT?????

Have you lived in the South? Have you seen the clay???

'Nuff said.

I also go out and buy whatever the kids need as far as spring/summer clothes and bathing suits. Since warm weather is about 9 months out of the year, we stock up on that kind of stuff!!

My store of choice???



Because they have GREAT deals at even GREATER prices and they are ALWAYS giving coupons.

Once I get my hands on a 30% off your whole purchase... then we are off to buy them out!!!

And of course Big Mama gets lots of some stuff too. ')

(did you honestly think I don't go and get some new nice-ies?)

and a small bit will be put away for our vacation in a few months.

NO this is NOT me on the hammock. Any mom of 6 will tell you this picture does not exist for us. Ha!

But we have been saving on the side for our vaca so hopefully we won't have to use any from our return.

Prayerfully our plans will all work out and we will go.

Sometimes you just never know...

but its booked and deposit paid =)

So there you have it my friends. Our dear wish list.

I can't wait...

Whats on yours??


  1. I love that bedroom set!
    We are getting a new L shaped sectional for our living room. Finally, our small family of 4 (plus two dogs) will all have a place to sit!

  2. I just placed on order from Old Navy last night with a 20% off coupon. Didn't work on the $5 t-shirts and the flip flops but it still saved a bunch.

  3. That's awesome, We do the same with our return. sadly this year we have to spend it on moving. Have fun shopping!
    :) Mae

  4. We don't use credit cards either. We totally believe in living within our means and I get anxious about not doing just that.

    We always pay our auto insurance in full with the tax return and then put the rest in our Roth IRAs.



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