Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend *Recap*

Hey my friends!! I hope you all had just as wonderful a weekend as I did.
Down in my parts, the sun was shining and temps reached about 75.

I have had family visiting since Friday afternoon and we have had a BLAST!... As usual.

My kids love when Grandpa and Grandma visit. They know they will get 1 meal at their favorite fast food joint and one awesome meal at our favorite restaurant in the whole entire world...


Do you know of it?

Well, I apologize if you don't.

Everyone orders rib-eyes....

Except me.

Im the smart one.

I order a full rack of ribs.

With Mashed potatoes and salad.

I only eat a quarter of it. I enjoy my salad and bread.

I take the rest home and put the kids to bed, change into my warm comfy pj's and lay on the couch.

I then heat up my delicious leftovers and enjoy the best bbq ribs I have ever had.

I plan it this way...

Every time they visit.

My Father in Law gets a kick out of it.

He laughs every time I happily ask for that to go box.

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Im no fool.

Cutting/sorting/distributing all the kids food and dealing with a Sweet P. doesn't make for a super enjoyable meal.

but on my couch...


Tomorrow , my in-laws have an appointment with a Realtor and they brought their checkbook.

They too fell in love with my southern town.

One can only hope they make the smarter move....

Right now my laptop is out and we are all sitting at the table drinking our coffee and eating our biscotti.

Its delicious....

And discussing the 2 snowstorms headed to NY as I type this.

I think the new snow fall will make their decision easier...

Until then, we will continue to laugh around my table and enjoy the warmth that the south brings.

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  1. So true about dinner- whether out or at home- how come I can only enjoy a meal if it is late and everyone is sleeping- not exactly good for the hips if you know what I am saying.

    We got a little snow- not too bad wiseguy!



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