Friday, February 11, 2011

My Revelation

This was all supposed to be done in Vlog form. It really was.... But time has gotten away from me once again and here I sit. A Friday night... 11:22 pm writing this blog in the dark.

This past Wednesday was session #4 in my Beth Moore series Revelation!!! It was a session that rocked my soul and changed forever the way I will think of God and His throne.

Im not quite sure if I mentioned Beth's challenge to us in the very beginning of this study and quite frankly im too tired to go look so I will repeat...

She challenged us to pray that God would give us our OWN Revelation each week.

She also challenged us to "Let Go." Put down our baggage that we just insist on carrying around with us day in and day out... every day of our life.

Sound easy right??

For me, not so much.

How do you just let go? How do you release all the garbage baggage you carry around from this world?

I know God can handle it. I know He is worthy... I just can't unwrap my bony fingers from around it.

So, I challenged myself these next 7 weeks.... To learn to hand it over to Him. The one who can take care of it all!!!

I also have been praying for Revelations within my own life.

And as always, our God is faithful!

Each week he never ceases to amaze me with small things to let me know how great He is.

How often we put the creator of the universe in a box and never give Him the chance to use His full potential in our life.

I think I might add that to my kitchen wall.

"Get God Out Of The Box"

I want Him to blow me away with His power and His might.

I want Him to throw my burdens into that sea of glass that sits before His throne.

I want to remember that every prayer I have prayed. Every tear I have cried and every outcry I have spoken, lay befoe the throne. Right in front of Him... waiting to be answered....

Not because He cn't get to them. But because He is waiting for the exact, perfect, holy time...

How Great Is Our God?!


  1. He is Awesome! I really enjoy these posts and look forward to following you on this journey.

    So many of the things you have said ring so true for me. When I pray, no matter what it is, I see it in my life...sometimes I realize I am not praying for the right thing, but sometimes it seems that by putting that thought out happens.

    I, too, struggle so much with letting go and letting God. I try. I really, really try, and I get on my knees and pray...but I still worry. I know I shouldn't. I know he will take care of it. I know He will always provide for me and my family.

    My Bible study reading this morning was to look up to the stars. If you hold a dime up at arm's length you block out 15 miliion stars. A God that can make that universe can surely handle your problems.

    How lucky we are to believe and to have this. I always say faith in the Lord is the best gift I can ever give my children.

  2. God is an awesome God indeed. I love 2 Samuel 7! Yes, we need to remember to let God take care of us and not keep him confined to our belief system. He has the power and authority to do anything.



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