Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Snow No Go... NO NO NO!

Yesterday, the big news in my neck of the woods was the possibility of more snow. I mean, it really wasn't a possibility. They said we were getting some. Up to an inch!!

I know, I know...

Don't laugh.

But when you live in the south. One little itty-bitty inch is a big deal.

We're talkin school closings and ALL y'all!

So this morning I spent extra time snuggling with my main squeeze...

My Sweet P.

I kissed hubs goodbye and one by one my other chicklets woke up and crawled into bed.

I could sense the feeling of a *snow day*...

Even for us homeschoolers.

A warm breakfast.

Some reading ...

And the fireplace on.

I finally dragged myself out from my warm down covers to start my coffee brew.

I opened the doors and curtains to let in the beautiful gleam of the freshly fallen snow...

Only to find :


Not a sprinkle .

Not a flake.

But the sun was surly shining...

50 degrees...

Welcome to the South!

1 comment:

  1. we had a dusting on our porch and my kids were thrilled!



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