Monday, May 2, 2011

Coupon/Weekend update

This past Sunday hubby and I got the amazing privilege of dedicating our Penelope before the Lord and before our church...
As a public promise to raise her knowing Jesus as her personal savior.

I have waited for this day for a long time!! It was my end of the bargain with God. Even though we don't "make bargains" with the big man... I did. As I pleaded with him many moons ago to give us another  baby... I promised she would be completely His... although I made it clear than unlike Hannah ( Biblical Hannah) I could never ever drop her off somewhere...)
I did promise Him I would raise her to know and love Him and to be used for His kingdom.
Technically, we do that with all of our children but when we were struggling.... I babbled on and on in prayer...

Anyway, This day was very special to me. A day I waited a loonng time for and a day I daydreamed about for a while.

isn't the cake AMAZING!!!

and it was a GOOD day. We celebrated back at the house with my Aunt and Uncle and cousin. We grilled and ate till we were sick. My Aunt bought Miss P her amazing dress.

The weather was perfect

and life was good!

I also wanted to update you on couponing....
Im still at it and to be quite honest... its taking ALOT of time. To try and be the best of the best (and by that I mean getting the MOST stuff for the LOWEST/FREEest price possible) you have to be on the computer checking sites all the time.

quantities are limited and they go quickly.
I am also on my websites about every hour checking to see any new freebies/ high value q's.

Its tough. Im having a hard time handling that and the 6 kids and homeschooling...

but im determined....

Sunday I bought 4 papers. I bought them at Walgreens for .99 each and they had 5... FIVE thick Q inserts. So I know this week will be busy. I don't clip unless Im ready to use and I label the front of each insert with the date.

I also have an accordion Q holder. I have a slot for each store so I just consolidate based on shopping trips. I plan on getting a binder soon for all the loose Q's I collect or print out for future use.

I also find myself going up all aisles of the grocery store when I go in and look for any Q's in Smart Source machines.

I found some REALLY high value Q's for Red Baron and Digiorno pizza. Those are a MUST in our house for quick lunches and late night XBOX snacks.


I re-checked my local stores Q pon policies and will be on the computer late tonight as my 2 favorite sites update with the weekly circular previews.

I Heart Publix and Southern Savers are the 2 sites I use the most.

My stores change over each Wednesday morning, so they usually update on mondays. They also link printable Q's with them so you want to print ASAP before the limits are reached.

If the item is super cheap or free, I like to be at the store Wednesday morning to get the item before all the other crazy couponers do. I HATE rainchecks.

Im only in week 2....

Many more to come....

Miss P in her 2nd dedication dress.... a tutu. 


  1. Oh my ,finally I found another mama who likes her coupons!!!!We are addicted to coupons here at our household,we actually do go to two recycle places and you know!!!I bought one paper Saturday to see how many coupons were inside then we went and bought 5 more($1 a piece) so I have lots of coupons.

    I have them organized into envelopes by items(I am looking for a binder)and I take them all the time with me.I just can't see how to find MILK and Meat coupons and our Kroger only doubles to 50 cents(crapper)I need to find Gatorade and pop and so on.I am trying really hard.Any advice.

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG,you are a very beautiful,hilarious family.I loved the trip tp the store going out of business(Mrs.Whino in front of you all,hahahaha)

  2. P looks so beautiful.
    So does the whole family.
    It sounds like a great day!
    This coupon thing isn't what they make it out to be on the TV show.
    I blogged about our first trip here:

  3. Your children are so cute and little P is adorable in her dresses. God bless you and your family in the years to come. I have been using coupons for years. I use them when I can. Use coupons for what you use. I find there are alot of pkg items that I don't use. I shop at Costco and now they have savings on items once a month. Shop at Trader Joes that don't have coupons but love their good, nutritious food. Oh yummy looking cake by the way!

  4. Good luck with the coupons. I'm anxious to see how it works out for you. I have never done it, but my sister was into it really big for a little while.

  5. Congratulations! She is just precious! We are dedicating Patrick this weekend, on Mother's Day : ) I think I need to get a "P" cake too!



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