Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Pictures...

I figured I would throw in a Part 2, to yesterday's post by showing you my busyness in pictures since I made sure I documented it all for you.

So sorry I disappeared for so long...

I searched all consignment stores till I found a PINK bumbo. I refused to pay retail. Penelope LOVES it...

Im couponing away and trying to save money (and not spend the money I save on clothes...opps)

Miss P. has been perfecting eating cereal. Its taking her a while and as you can see... she still needs work!

Abs-delicious had her birthday build-a-bear and loves her.

Then we went home and had pink cake with pink icing cause thats what she wanted...

My birthday. Chocolate cupcakes with NO icing. My special once a year treat.

we have been shopping for nice beach attire so we can look beautiful in the sand. Sunglasses and sundresses for us older girls and I ordered 3 matching made-to-order dresses for my 3 little girls. The boy has a matching outfit with daddy for beach pictures...

And that my friends... has been my life.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!

    Miss P is too stinkin' cute!!

  2. Happy Birthday everyone lol- I miss u guys, I love the pics, and am so very jealous that couponing here is impossible!!! Good for u tho- keep up the good work! great chattin the other day!



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