Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Friday

Doesn't the title sound so happy and chipper?

Betcha never guess that we all have the stomach bug here and are absolutely miserable!!

Except Sweet P. of course. She is as happy as ever.

She just recently received a BUNCH of new dresses as a gift from family so we have been playing dress up every day.

Im lovin it!!

I think she is too!

She is our pretty sack of potatoes who won't go on her tummy or really sit up on her own. Thats because she is too busy on my hip...

Or Hannah's hip, or Emma's hip...

and when Daddy comes home she suckers her way on his hip...

We figure by the time she goes off to college, she might get down...

Anyway, while we are recovering we are preparing and cleaning.

Hubby's Aunt and Uncle will be popping over for a quick visit this Sunday. We have not seen them in over a year so it will be nice to catch up.

The weather will be back to beautiful. The last few days have been about 70's and chilly. YUCK!!

But by the middle of next week we will be almost at 90 again. Just how I like it and just in time for the beach. We head out in a few and I CAN'T WAIT!!

We all are counting the seconds till we can put our tootsies in the sand and walk the boardwalk... and eat ice cream... and sunbathe!!

Hubby had me call and extend our vaca a bit and I was thrilled (and relieved) they had our room available for the extra time.

Now just to get this illness out of our doors and get the show on the road!

Until then, maybe I will reach my goal weight if I keep getting sick...

Hey, gotta look on the bright side right??




  1. Ugh, sorry to hear about the stomach bug. We've been sick here too and my middle kiddo has puked two times this morning, not ready for that to spread around :(
    Have fun visiting your family and Miss P is DARLING!

  2. Sorry you are all sick. It always seems to feel worse in the spring. Miss P looks so sweet.

  3. Hope you guys feel better soon!
    A beach vaca sounds fabulous!

  4. hope you all are feeling better soon!

  5. We just booked our Pawley's Island trip for July! I can't wait! :) Have fun at the beach!



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