Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In which I try and make excuses...

I have a zillion excuses on why I have not blogged. I do... But I won't bore you with them... Not yet anyway.
The busy bee has stung me and on top of that we have 1 week left of school and I cannot concentrate ONE lick!!
Our vacation is getting closer (not nearly as close as it needs to be...) and in my head, im already lying in the sand. My OCD is in FULL force and I made friends with the lady at the front desk of our hotel (although I don't think she would refer to me as the same..)
I keep having questions and my type A.. insane need to control is totally taking over.
Sweet hubby kindly reminded me I need to calm down and I truly am trying.

I also am bound and determined to leave this place SPOTLESS as we drive into the sunset which means I have to stay ahead of the game WAY before we even leave so that leaves me room to pack prior to departure...

My precious hub-a-dubs got me a 1 hour massage for my birthday last week. I happened to squeeze my birthday in somehow. Did I mention it was my birthday?? Oh yeah... I haven't blogged in forever so how could you possibly know?? My 1 hour massage will be redeemed this weekend. Im counting the seconds!! I can't wait to get on that table.

Sorry. I really am...

Im still couponing and got some MAJOR deals. Vlasic pickles for .14 a jar. Hellmans Mayo for $1.00 a jar,    2 boxes of FREE toaster strudels ( we usually don't eat them but they were FREE) General mills cereal for $1.50 a box, Wishbone salad dressing for .40 a bottle and Hunts ketchup for .30 a bottle.

The savings are small but you have to start somewhere. I also received register coupons this past week for $2.50 off my purchase, free iceburg lettuce and $1 off fresh produce. I plan on combining all of those (which I can do) for my next shopping trip next week... along with some grape jam for $1 a bottle. Im hoping to pick up 4 or 5 containers of jam as PB and J are a favorite at my house...

I made a special trip to Staples for some handy dandy coupon pockets and binders. My system is very very loose and im not that organized but I keep reminding myself it will take time to sort myself out and get my own system going


I actually didn't forget. It was Abby's 4th birthday and we went straight from church to the mall so she can make her birthday build-a-bear and my feet were ON FIRE from my super dooper cute summer heels and I really could not even think about walking extra.

So it was my fault . Does anyone know if Wal-Mart still carries the Sunday paper thru the week???

This Sunday I will most certainly pick one up before church to make sure!!

But Im off to bed now. My heart has been heavy lately for some of my friends and I just need to pray for them. We are starting a new Bible Study class next Wednesday AND I CAN'T WAIT!! Its the Beth Moore David...

Oh how relevant and how NEEDED it is right now. We have had a break since our Revelation class has ended and im itching to dive back into the bible and see what else God has for me.
I think Im going to start this new journey next week with...{gulp} a new bible. My 22 year old bible has officially broke and the binding is off. I can still use it as its in a cover but I think this new study would be a perfect opportunity for me to start fresh and new...
For those of you that don't know...
I hate change... straight down to changing my bible. Thats why I have had the same bible and have used daily the same bible that I received on my 13th birthday. Its old and used and written in. I know where all my verses are based on page placement and wrinkle...
and I wanted to use it forever...
But thats not the case anymore. So I will use the next 2 weeks to browse my favorite Christian book store and try and find one I like. It will be a hard task...
But deep in my soul I am thrilled to BITS at the thought of a new one...

Goodnight my friends... and if you remember can you say a quick prayer for me?? Its been quite damp near me and I have arthritis in ALL my joints. Life has been quite achey for me...

Love you all




  1. Happy Belated birthday and Happy Birthday to your Abby!

  2. Happy late birthday to you both. I am sorry you are achey. I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Hope you are feeling better. Can't believe Abby is four. Happy I got to hold her- now I need to hold Miss P before she is too old to let me. :)

  4. Well, I actually stopped over here yesterday and was about to post a 'Where have you been? We miss you." comment. But, then I thought I'd give you a couple more days before I bugged you. :)

    Happy belated birthday! Uh, yeah. I think you forgot to mention that! Enjoy that massage!

  5. Happy belated birthday! I hope that your joints are feeling better and that your massage helps!



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