Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Where has the time gone??
Kind of always seems like Im saying that right??

But lately my life seems more hectic than I can juggle at the moment. But with everything in life... this is a season and nothing that won't blow over sometime soon..

** like in a few weeks when school is OVER and we are at the beach whoo hoo**

Can I get an A-M-E-N?!

This past weekend was wonderful. Mothers Day was spent relaxing. I did something very unusual and requested us NOT going to church. Sometimes the hustle and bustle and stress of getting out the door can really cramp up a good mood, and seeing as Im under a lot right now, I just wanted to sit home and relax!!!

I was greeted by 7 cute faces and an awesome breakfast in bed...

Along with kisses and home made cards... Just then I knew the day would be perfect...

And it was.

I do love my family sooo much.

Our school year is coming to a close and quite frankly we ALL lost ALL motivation. 8 days of our school year will get by with us struggling every second. We know once we wrap up the year, we pack up the family and head to the beach to vacation and unwind!!!

And who can possibly concentrate when the waves and sand are just calling our names!!!!

I will be putting ALL homeschooling completely on the back burner for about a month and not think about it for 1 second. Its been a hard year and alot of prayer will have to go into next year. We will already be switching things up majorly and hope our new decisions work as good as they sound!!!

On a brighter note...

My SweetTea Travel is doing great. I have been truly enjoying researching and learning all about such amazing vacation destinations. I do most research at night after the kids are in bed...

I have about 10 clients who are currently planning vacations with me right now and I have to be totally honest!!
Im sooo excited for them... and to be able to help them vacation at great prices...
I sometimes forget Im not the one going. Ha ha...

And last but not least Im STILL couponing...

I will be vlogging this weekend as my shopping trips are bi-weekly. I am sorting and prepping for this weeks shopping trip. A blog post will be coming soon along with my *new* coupon binder.
Im excited about the sales coming up and the *almost* free products I will be happily throwing in my cart.

Well, our school day is just about done. We are happily throwing down the pencils in a few and heading outside to soak in the sun and 80 degree weather.

I hope you all have a wonderful tuesday...



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  1. You are one busy girl! I'm so glad to hear your travel business is going well for you. What an exciting adventure. And, I can't wait to hear more about your couponing experiences! Happy Belated Mother's Day!



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