Friday, September 9, 2011

Hip Hip Hurray... Its Friday!!

Its FRIDAY!! And from now on that means CO-OP for our family. For all you NON homeschooling friends, Co-op is usually a 1 day a week program offered at a church for homeschooling children. Its run and lead by the parents and offers various classes for your children to take. Gym, Math, science, history, cooking, art, drama, cake decorating, Royal Rangers, government, yearbook... the choices really are endless in what is offered. All based on what parents decide to teach. Our co-op offers 4 hours of classes. Each 1 hour long and an hour lunch in between.
99.9% of the participants are like minded Christian moms who have a heart for keeping our childrens lives and hearts good and pure. Each session is opened up in prayer and worship.

Today was our very first day. I only overslept by 15 minutes and for those of you that know me... thats just A-mazing!! I was up at the same time before the sun and was extremely thankful I spent the previous night packing bags and preparing.

The kids were nervous and full of anticipation for what lay ahead. All classes were assigned to each one. Even Miss P. had her very own class full of babies!!
This was our very first experience with a co-op. We homeschooled for 3 years without one and last year I decided i was completely crazy for not joining one  a co-op might really be beneficial to our family.
And boy was I right. We almost did not start on time but last week, after many months of prayer and hounding the sweet ladies via email... a spot opened up for me!!! I really feel this was God-led and inspired in every single way. That was confirmed the moment I walked thru the doors and began meeting the moms and interacting with the kids.

After skidding into the parking lot at full speed and arriving exactly on time, all 8 of us walked in iin a frazzled mess. Bags, strollers, lunches all hanging off of every arm. Kids pulling at my shirt asking me question after question and me not knowing what the heck to do. First day of anything is pure chaos... but I was relieved to know I was not the only one.

Soon enough, I was given a tour and the kids were ushered into classes and our day began.

6 hours later we left. Utterly exhausted and completely happy.

Friends were made, relationships were started and the kids are already counting the seconds till we can do it again next week.

Many homeschool moms are anti-co-op. I know, because I used to be one. Im very happy im not anymore. Homeschooling can be a very lonely world. Its tough. Its not easy. But its soooooo worth it. The support of fellow christian women and kids are so very vital in this type of lifestyle. My only complaint is that I didn't do it sooner.

Yup. we are a co-op family now and we are lovin it.

Sorry I don't have any pictures. I didn't want to look like a total dork on the first day. I'll save that for day 2!
Oh, and please excuse the grammar errors on every this post. Im completely tired and wonderfully exhausted and could give a hoot about english right now.



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  1. YAY! I am so glad you guys all loved it! The majority of my HSing friends in S'burg are in the same co-op and love it :)



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