Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Winds Of Change On An Island...

"The only thing constant in life is change."

Last week my cousin gave me this wooden kitchen island he had sitting in his garage. It was given to him by his friends back in PA. Since his new house has a huge island, he had no use for this one...
So last week, the girls and I went over there and proudly transported her back to her new home in our Little Red Kitchen.

I have been telling my hubs for MONTHS that I needed a small something in the middle of my kitchen. I needed more space and a place to station the little kids so they are not always in my way as I cook. So, it was a total "jump for joy" moment when my couz offered this to me. I took it as an answer to my wants. Even though I had not been praying for it, God still knew the desires of my heart!!

Hannah was so excited to wheel it in. They lifted both sides and extended it out. All the kids loved it.
But I hated it.
It looked so out of place.
It didn't go in my kitchen.
It was something new. Something changed. And you all know I hate change.
But I forced myself to keep it there and now I simply adore it.
It really is an answer to prayer and comes in sooo handy.
I can't imagine not having it now.
Truth is, my kitchen is small. As much as I adore my Little Red House, I believe we outgrew it 1.5 kids ago. Don't worry, we have no plans on moving. At least none that I know of. I always say I will die in this house. My grandchildren will come to visit me in this house, I will marry off all my kids in this house. I can't imagine moving from this house.
But if God calls us to, I will.
And I will be ok with it.

Sometimes the winds of change blow when we least expect it. When we finally become comfortable and steady, the winds begin to blow and God beings moving.
My hubby and I were chatting last night and laughed at how God works in our marriage. In us!!. I stress Our and Us because each relationship with Him is so unique.

We both dislike change. Slow and steady is our motto. Comfort is our security... and change is kept at least an arms length away.

But ironically, every monumental moment, every major decision has been nothing short of a whirlwind. In a blink, our lives changed.

Over and over and over.

Last night we chatted in our closet (because thats the only place we find privacy) and started to look back on our 15 years together. Before we even became us, God worked swift and steady.
Our dating was a whirlwind
Our wedding was fast and furious.
Before the ink was dry on our marriage certificate, we were on the road to becoming parents.
Homes, moves and jobs were all last minute and decided fast.
Our big black van was decided and bought in less than 3 days ( and never even turned the engine before we drove it home)
The decision to move 900 miles away was decided and done ( and we were unpacked) in 3 months.
6 weeks later, ( after an unexpected afternoon drive) we signed on the dotted line and our Little Red House began to form.

God knows our hearts and knows when the time comes, He needs to move and move quick!

Like a warrior, He charges thru our life before we have time to react.

There is no time with us, to sit and ponder. Opportunities will come quick and decisions will have to be made before we have time to think about them. I mean, really think.

After all, we hate change.

So, when I begin to feel the winds blow thru the rooms of my Little Red House, I know I have to trust God completely. Fear takes over. My feelings lie. They never lead me where I should be. Not all the time though. Through the years God has helped me to learn more about myself, and to quickly, trust Him completely.

Our prayers are pleads.

"Show yourself quick. Make it obvious. Send us peace because you know us Lord, If you don't make your will evident with neon flashing lights clear, we will not act..."

Most times, when the winds blow, change is imminent. And surprisingly, we are fine with the change. As long as it is in God's perfect plan for us, we follow.

He has never ever let us down. He has never been wrong.

I thank God every day that I have him to help me navigate through this crazy game we call Life!!

And I often wonder... how in the world do people survive without Him???




  1. so true. we are definitely experiencing the winds of change in our home lately. some changes are easy to embrace and others are hard to even think about, let alone welcome. I am also thankful for God's control and wisdom in orchestrating these changes. Now I just need to trust Him!

  2. How true. Life is not a constant and so thankful for God in our lives to help us!



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