Thursday, September 8, 2011


You would think that after 35 years of life on this amazing planet, it would finally occur to me how time flies by?? Yet each and every day, as another milestone passes and anniversaries are celebrated, I stand there completely dumbfounded on where the time went since the start of whatever event we are celebrating/mourning. In the bible, Jesus mentions that we are nothing but a speck.. a fleeting moment in time... which is quite ironic considering most everyone thinks their something quite unique ya know? So Im quite thankful for this blog... even though its only 3-4 years old. It chronicles day to day event, passing thoughts and moments in time I should remember even though Im quite sure I won't.

So what has made me so nostalgic you ask? Im not quite sure? Maybe its the fact that September is almost halfway done? Or this Sunday will mark 10... T-E-N years since September 11th, or that my sweet tiny Baby Penelope is no longer tiny... ( or sweet depending on what day you catch her on...) Just more constant reminders on how young and thin I used to be on "such and such" date and how before I know it, this season of my life will be raked up and bagged by the curb.

Being it being almost mid- September, Life is in FULL swing in our Little Red House. Coming out of a very transitional and rough summer, God has graciously slid me into a very peaceful and grace filled fall. ( remember?? In my mind, it IS Fall. Reference back to THIS post please ;)

Here is where you picture me jumping around as I tell you my most wonderful praise report. Just last week, we were accepted into the co-op I have been begging praying to get into. We start tomorrow and its safe to say we are ecstatic to walk thru the doors of the church and begin a whole new journey in Homeschooling. A full day of classes, worship and creativity with like-minded moms and kids. Can it get any better??

My Molly is nicely settled in her weekly gymnastics class after I had to lie pull a mom moment and tell her we were just going to the gym to jump around. As a hater of all things new, I knew it would be the only way to get her through the doors. ( I simply have no clue where she gets this stuff. Must be from her dads side..*wink*) Just like I expected, she loved the class and we even were blessed to meet "old" friends there AND make new ones... all homeschooling moms... all with the same heart!!



She loves her class and spends most of her free time standing on her head. She is trying to break a record. Im fine with that. In a family of 8, its nice to see something new sticking up!!

My 2 oldest started Drama again. Practices will begin for their big event in their youth group in 2 weeks... which will then roll into Fine Arts competition in the winter. They are working hard on their monologues... They are taking various classes that focus in on their interests. Emma is in an intense Art class  and Hannah will focus on cooking and cake decorating... something she just ADORES. As a matter of fact, I think she can probably teach the class... ** mental note: tell Hannah not to correct the teacher**

Molly is in an etiquette class.... I'll just leave it at that. After todays episode, it was a miracle I didn't drag her there a day early!! I'll pray for her teacher tonight.

Emma has school online now. Completely online. I love it because its free. Very interactive. Live virtual classes, constant communication with her teachers and live lessons which really enrich her learning experience. My role is a different one this year. Im not the teacher. I just simply ask her about her grades and if she is done with her assignments. Its nice honestly. I don't know how I managed High School the first time and Im not about to go thru it again. Emma is doing wonderful and maintains a steady AB average. We are working back up to an A again. We had a rough start the first day but that all will change soon. She likes it much better than last year. Prayerfully, this is the answer we have been looking for.
Last weekend the girls had some friends sleep over and I had the pleasure of taking them out shopping Friday night. What fun!! Seriously!! 4 girls giggling and trying on all sorts of dresses and clothes. They all left with something they "adored." which made me happy. I, of course left with some nice things too... after all, I needed something to reward me with putting up with them!!

Next month I was asked to speak at a Womens event at my church. Im still debating even though I have to give my answer by tonight. I simply love public speaking but hate it to the core. Know what I mean?? It really is a lose lose with me. I will kick myself for weeks for NOT doing it, but when I say yes, I will be an absolute anxiety ridden mess till its over! UGH!

In 2 more weeks I dive back into Beth Moore. My church starts BREAKING FREE!!! I don't think I have the words to describe how excited I am over this study, or how much I need this study... how much  every woman needs this study... or how much we have to break free from... and as my teacher said... Break free TOO!!! My fingers and my heart are dying to get back into the word and soak it all in. Im simply dying of thirst over here!!! Im sure I will tell you all about it as we move thru this study and begin our life changing class.

I also had some ladies over here for lunch a couple of weeks ago and just had amazing conversation. As you all know, I just love to feed people.. and eat, and gab. Little did I know how blessed I would be by their fellowship. 

and then lets not forget the wandering thoughts of a possible baby #7...

Thats all I'm going to say about that....

On that note, dinner must be cooked. Its late and I have yet another event to go to tonight. As you can see, and as I'm sure you can relate... time flies when your having fun...

or in other words, when your living life. We only live once, so live it right, live it good and live it FUN!




  1. Yes time flies. I was looking through a basket for something and a 2002 photo calendar I had made was there and I looked through it. Alot of photos of our family. Year my son graduated from homeschool and daughter in college. Times have changed and sometimes I'd like to go back a few years to grasp some things, in a different and better way. Life is a process! I will be doing a Beth Moore Bible study with my friend, Tamara. Living Beyond Yourself. It sounds good and am gonna order them soon! Take care!

  2. You are so predictable- baby #7.
    love it.
    Love to hear about your weeks.
    We must catch up soon.



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