Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Link Update

And now its time for our regularly scheduled "Link The Cat" update. With only 3 months under his belt of living in our Little Red House, he has made it clear that HE adopted US and not the other way around. Every day is a new adventure.

From him getting stuck in the dryer to frequent swims in the toilet bowl.... we never know where he might turn up next. But one thing is for sure... his life is heavily intertwined with ours and we love him.

So without further a due... his week in pictures...

Whenever we get ready to leave, he tries to stop us!

he likes to play "baby" with pretty girls!

all tuckered out from a hard days work!

can you say bed hog??

Who knew a little black ball of fur could bring so much life to our little family of 8.



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