Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1st!

For some of my readers, September 1st only means ONE thing... to most, who may be new to my blog, You may be wondering what all the hype in our house is about. To catch up and take a peak in the past, just turn back time to last year and the year before... and the year before that!! Since my blog is well over 3 years old, many of you have journeyed with me on several Apple Pie Celebrations...

For those that are new to peaking at the inner corners of my quirky life, let me fill you in.

I don't remember the exact year this started but I know my 2 oldest girls were very little and we were living in NY... so Im guessing I started my September 1st Apple Pie tradition about 10+ years ago...

By the end of August, our summer activities are coming to an end, school is on the horizon and no matter how much we fight it, our soul starts to yearn for Fall. Sweaters, Soups, Stews, crunchy leaves, Pumpkins and haybales run across my brain non-stop. Why did I have to wait for cooler weather? Why couldn't I start to celebrate a little earlier and extend the season... and pray that Fall would somehow find its way to my front door??

SO thus began my September 1st Tradition. The start of holiday pie baking, fall decorating and a new season in my life. Or at least in my house!! It caught on quickly once my family realized that this tradition meant home made apple Pie, Ice cream and whipped cream!! Just 1 year after bringing it forth, I had a table full of guests ready to bring in the newest season with me. Don't get me wrong, I knew they came for the food... But thats fine in my book. Feeding people is what I do best. If I cook for you, you know your in.

And yes, to all those that are wondering... It is still hot in the south but thats ok. The cool mornings and perfect evenings make up for the hot afternoons. To me, Fall is September 1st. When the smells of apple pie can be found lingering from every crevice of my Little Red House. Scarecrows and mums find new homes around my lawn and without fail... every year, Fall finds its way back.

Its a tradition. One my older kids know well. One my little kids are learning about. One that will be passed down from generation to generation long after im gone. My love for all things good will be left in an Apple Pie Legacy!!!

Does it get any better than that??

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  1. Love it! I might just have to start this tradition in my house. Fall never seems to come to FL, but I always try to just ignore the weather and enjoy my pumpkin spice latte and now my apple pie. lol



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