Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple Butter

Last night I delivered 13 pounds of large juicy gala apples to my Aunt's house just a few doors down from me.  Penelope and Emma joined me for the quick walk on an almost perfect fall evening. The air was nipped with crispness and the chill was just enough to want a warm blanket to snuggle with.

My Aunt and I have been planning for a few weeks to get together and make some Apple Butter. I had some remaining apples from our trip out to the farm and I think I ran out of what I could create. Apple Butter was the next challenge.

It requires canning and precise, consistent direction... all which I greatly lack. My biggest fear is I would make some delectable treats and hand them out to the world... only to cause a cataclysmic food poisoning epidemic. 

I mean, I really want to go down in history... but NOT that way!!

Today was the day. I love spending time with my Aunt. I think she is a woman FULL of knowledge just waiting to be tapped into. She is a woman of deep faith and one of my only sources of family history. I can sit at her counter forever, re-heating our coffee and she will tell me stories of my great-grandmother and her love of cats. I can see myself in her. I often say my Aunt is really my sister's mom... because they are alike in almost every way possible. Old black and white pictures adorn her walls. Images of flappers and world war 2 soldiers are recognized as dear loved ones. I see the faces of my children everywhere I turn.

So, it wasn't a surprise that I happily knocked on her screen door and let myself in...
Her house OOZED with the smell of sweet warm apples bubbling in her oven. Canning jars drowned on her stovetop in just the right temperature needed.

And before long we had a small assembly line going as clear, clean jars were filled to the top with the most amazing Apple Butter this state has ever tasted.

I came home with a few in my diaper bag. Tomorrows breakfast will be a sweet treat of cinnamon toast and goodness.

Other jars will be put up in my pantry and a select few will be given out to some friends.

I think this event will be repeated in a few weeks, right before we kiss goodbye another apple season. One last batch before winter....

With the cold right at our doorstep, my crocheting needle has once again called my name. I think some scarves will be made as gifts this year. I also have been knee-deep in week 3 of Beth Moore. What once was an anticipated journey has turned into a hard one.

One that resulted in a short break, but thanks to some prayers of 2 very dear ladies who won't let me step off this train... I will continue and pray I can completely break free!!!!

I also received my very first "happy" this past Thursday. A dear friend gave me a red coffee mug!! My FAVORITE color...

A color meaning "warmth and love."

Little did she know our red plate philosophy.

Have I shared that with you all yet?

Oh, I will save that for another day...



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