Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fresh Air

Yesterday was our co-op's annual Fall Harvest Party. One of the families opened up their home and 25 acres for us to invade to have some fall fun... So, we packed up our big black van and our six kids and trekked out to the good 'ol country. Some people might not consider where we went "the country" but long roads and all trees equal country to this city girl!

I don't think the littles knew what to do with themselves with so much space to run and play. No barriers and land as far as their little eyes could see. My heart smiled as I saw my video game addicted son play in dirt and throw every stick he could find in the air. ( and almost taking out his little sister every time.) On the property was a river. Not a creek, or a stream or a trickle... but a ri-ver! Perhaps if I would have known that before my teens went miles away to play in it, I would have demanded adult supervision. But Thankfully no one drowned or floated away into Georgia.

Its the Saluda River to be exact... and could also serve as a place to go water rafting. I will remember that next time!!
When the big.. ( BIG ) dinner bell was rung, kids came out of the woods, river, fields and crevices to partake in hot dogs and homemade chili around the fire. Appetites were worked up and my kids thought the hot dogs "were the best ever!!!"

Plates were licked clean, the sun began to set and off the kids ran again... into the darkness. Sticks became their toys and imaginations were put to good use. The adults huddled closer to the fire as the warm air began to turn cold.

You know, I don't consider myself a country girl. I love the idea of it but Concrete and salt water run through my veins. Its what I understand. When first stepping onto the property I panicked about letting my kids roam. I couldn't tolerate the smell of the horses and roosters that roamed and I felt like hosing myself off with lysol....

But as the night went on, and the kids played, I relaxed and mingled. Everyone else felt completely in their element and I gained yet another perspective on life.

Although the lights and business of a city are wonderful....

Their is something about country life. A life that reminds you what this world is all about. Family, faith and fellowship. Simple warm food and hearty appetites, dirty hands and your imagination...

and the roar of a river.

My hubby swears he is moving us out to the country. Where our kids can roam free with no boundaries. Where we can shoot things and fish.

If its anything like last night, Im in.

After all,

We only lost one kid in the woods. ;)



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