Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yesterday was Miss P's big day... her very first birthday party.

Quite frankly, Im exhausted. Friday night my older girls and I were up very late cooking and baking and decorating, followed by a very early Saturday morning doing more of the same.

But it was worth it all. The day was great, the company was even greater and the weather was perfect.

Penelope loved her toys that she received and I LOVED the clothes she received. More Tutu's and sparkly dresses were added to her collection. This week, I will get her bows to match and I just found the cutest place to buy all sorts of precious leg warmers. Since she is still a crawler, the leg warmers really work well to keep her legs warm and protected from the floors.

The day was a success.

After everyone left, the kids still remained outside and hubby and I just relaxed on the couch for a bit.

Before long Couz Neal was back through our doors for round 3!! After all, it was Saturday night and nothing gets in the way of our WING NIGHT!! He helped us clean the mess, I bathed the littles and off to bed they scrambled.

We {GULP} ventured off our usual and ended up with an A-MAZING Taco plate!!

There we sat, as the hours got later catching up on each others lives. It wasn't long before our conversation turned to biblical discussion. Bibles were brought out and we ate our dessert happily discussing things that are near and dear to our faith. The Arc of the Covenant and eschatology theories based on scripture were tonights hot topic.

And it was good.

It was a great end to an amazing week full of edifying conversation.

Friday at our co-op, I happen to get in deep discussions with other homeschooling moms that ranged from the foster care system and the devastation drugs and alcohol have on fetuses, to backpacking and hiking through Israel. I was able to share our desire to live on land with other moms who recently just moved onto their homestead. 

I can feel connections being made and once again, its where I belong.

Today my joints hurt bad. It will truly be a day of rest for us as we prepare for the busy week ahead. November comes quick and I have lots to do... I will be inviting several groups of ladies over for Lunch to fellowship and get to know them better. Others, I know very well and we use this time to chat and pray.

Then... HOLIDAY BAKING!! I can't wait! But first I will take this day of rest and emerge myself in Beth Moore's BREAKING FREE. I have homework to catch up on and some devotions I want to do with my children.

Enjoy your Sunday




  1. Can't believe Miss P is one! Give her a birthday hug for me.
    Sounds like a great weekend and great plans ahead.

  2. What a wonderful weekend. My college babies were home for the weekend for fall break and it was a wonderful time. The house was a mess, all I did was cook and do tons of college laundry and talk with the kids. Sunday was a great church day. Love it when we can all go together.

  3. Little Miss P--happy 1st birthday! Hugs to you and her as well. Sounds like you had a nice day with family! I agree, I need to start thinking about holiday baking. Make up some pie crusts and freeze them soon!



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