Friday, October 7, 2011

The Fall of...

Since this school year has started, we have made many changes to our home and our homeschool schedule. New programs, co-ops and curriculum replaced some of our old methods we used last year.

One big change was our iMac. It now is upstairs in Noahs room. Which, basically is the playroom since Noah will only sleep in the little girls room. Emma uses the iMac during the day for her online school. Hannah uses it for any additional research she needs to complete her daily school assignments... and I, hardly ever get a chance on it.

Hubby doesn't quite understand why but I'm sure every other mom in bloggy-land can give 1,000 reasons why this arrangement will just not work!!!

Besides being distracted by the mess on my way to Noah's room... which results in forgetting why I went upstairs in the first place and cleaning all the rooms...

I am followed by about at least 3 of my kids who peck at my brain chat the entire time I'm upstairs also causing me to completely forget why I went upstairs.

And on the rare non-existent occasion I go upstairs and find it clean, empty and quiet, sitting on the floor causes pain in my legs which makes me very cranky and then I forget why I was up there...

Do you see the connection here??

Yes, I knew you would.

Well, yesterday, I managed to run upstairs right after the morning feeding chaos. I had some travel work to do and emails to respond to. Within 5 minutes of my bottom connecting to the floor, Hannah and Penelope were right next to me. Hannah began chatting my ear off as usual. I have grown accustomed perfected  half listening. If I fully listened every time someone yelled MOM and began babbling away, I would never ever be able to do anything. Seriously. 

So I nodded and was just about to ban her out of the room so I could have one. Just ONE complete thought when the words ..." bent shelf" caught my attention.

I quickly shooed her out and told her I would be down in a minute to check what she was talking about... I just HAD to finish this work first.

As I turned back to the computer and tried to remember what I was doing, I heard crashes and screams coming from downstairs.

I come to find, one of my bookshelves... my BIGGEST bookshelf somehow collapsed and my living room was in complete shambles.

Surprisingly, I didn't have a nervous breakdown but quickly put the kids to work picking up the small pieces of broken wood and making appropriate piles.

Any homeschooler knows how vital bookshelves are. Not only are they vital, but they are precious. Every book is valued and kept.  No book will ever make it in the discard pile.

Thankfully no one was hurt during the fall of our small Babylon...

But despite the shambles our living room was in that day ( and still is until we replace the bookshelf) we are having fun re-discovering some of the books we have ignored for so long. New piles of books have been made... books that need to be read, re-read or books that now Molly is capable of reading.

Photo albums were looked thru and memories revisited. We also realized how many more books we needed to get to complete our various collections. 

Half our shelf was salvaged and therefore half our books now have a home... for the time being... but majority of them still sit in piles by our fireplace. New clutter to add to our already chaotic house.

But thats ok, the day definitely ended differently than it started.


How did it fall you ask??

We are not sure, but I will tell you this,

It took Link 2 hours for his hair to stop standing on end... and he still won't go anywhere near the scene of the crime...

Makes me wonder what will happen in our Little Red House once we put up our Christmas Tree....




  1. Ah man!
    Sell them on amazon, baby!

    Glad to hear no one was hurt!

  2. I hear ya on the "complete thought" thing and I only have two children! And I'm so glad no one was hurt!

  3. Oh my gosh! Thank God everyone was OK. We had a couple things like this happen at our house recently (although not quite the collapse you had!) and after my heart has returned to beating almost normally I'm torn between being mad and being relieved.



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