Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Penelope Came To Town... A Year Later

October 13th was a day I was dreading since Labor Day. Quite honestly, I never handle any of my baby's first birthdays very well but this one was just a bit different. Perhaps because deep down I knew the realization of this being my last first.

You know, FIRST birthday!

Some may think Im actually so silly and thats ok. I never claimed to be perfect nor do I care to be. I love my children and love who they are growing up to be, but a big piece of my heart mourns how tiny they used to be.

This saturday is her first birthday party!!

Im so excited and have been frazzled to bits finalizing the menu, making the decorations and games.

Yes, you read that correctly. MAKING the decorations. Im simply a glutton for punishment and insist on making most of the decorations for P's extravaganza. Thats ok, Im sure by now you know I secretly love every single second even though every day leading up to the party I swear I'm never doing this again.

Right now scraps of tulle are all over my house. Link is in hog heaven and has gotten locked in the laundry room more than once due to his... um ... behavior.

Last night at my church,3 other ladies and myself were asked to speak on different topics. It was call red Recipes for Living. My topic was organization and home management. I wasn't nervous till about 1 hour before it was my turn to go up...
It didn't help that traffic was horrific, it was raining and I got in a small accident on the way. Poor guy. I smashed into the back of his nice trailer but I think he was more afraid of the crazy, crying, frazzled woman jumping out of the big black van than any damage that could have occurred.

THANKFULLY no damage and a friendly wave got us on our way.

I flew thru the doors of the meeting room wet, late and 100% stressed.

How ironic that 1 was speaking about organization.

But I knew the ladies in the audience. They were warm and kind and familiar. I was able to make a joke about my entrance and went on from there.

Below is a picture of my friend Connie... one of my hero's. She spoke on Recipes for healthy living. Lets just say I will never view fruit the same again.

 In one of her demonstrations, grapes represented kindness. Plenty for everyone. You pluck one off and give kindness to another. Inside that act of kindness is a Kindness seed. Thas seed then grows in the person it was given too. They too pluck off a kindness grape and hand it to someone else...

Love was a watermelon.

When you cut into it, it drips and oozes to everyone around you.

Patience was a Kiwi. (or at least I think it was a kiwi)

Growing patience can be ugly and hard, but when its established and you cut into it its beautiful and sweet... Of course I can't explain it as beautifully and humbly as she did but now can you see why fruit will never be the same???

She is my hero because she home schools her 8 kids, has patience and wisdom and is SUCH a character!

I learn a lot from her whenever I am around her.

Others spoke on raising Godly kids and having a godly marriage with no divorce.

It truly was an amazing evening. I was blessed so deeply by what these other women shared. I just wish so much that MORE women could have come and heard.

And God.... well, lets just say He is amazing. None of us 4 ladies had conversed prior to our speech and God just spoke to all of us and tied each recipe into the other one. They flowed and connected more than it ever could if it we tried to plan it that way. God is always SO good.

So, I just know you want to know what tips I gave last night??

Well Silly girls, I can't get into that right now...

I have a party to throw remember??

Maybe next time.



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