Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Fading Days Of Summer

Right now I should be at my beloved bible study with all the ladies I love to surround myself with every wednesday night. Instead, I am home... ALONE! With the exception of a sleeping Penelope and a very noisy kitty.

The rest of my chicklets and hubby are at church while I stay home and rest. I don't feel very good, nothing serious but since hubby has no school this week, this is the one wednesday I can take a breath and relax while he takes them to mid-week service.

Honestly, Im loving the peace and quite. This is sooo rare for me. I can actually clean without being interrupted... 

Or at least thats what I should be doing. Instead, Im drinking coffee and chatting with you.

My back door is open and the perfect carolina air is blowing thru my house. The last few days have been completely Glorious!!! Thats the only way I can explain it. The days are warm and the evenings comfortable. I believe we have just one more day left before the cold weather comes back for a visit.

Im not ready to say hello to a new season. We have been enjoying this time right now. 

Every evening we find ourselves outside. The kids are laughing and screaming. Sometimes we invade the backyard and other times we walk down to our neighborhood playground and play till dark...

I think our souls secretly know our time is limited before the frosty air comes. We soak in every day and just pray for "one more."

Penelope has discovered the swing. She loves to go really high and giggles with complete joy with every swing.

Molly finally mastered swinging herself and Noah is right behind with learning.

Even my "too cool" teens couldn't resist some rolls down the hill and twirls on the merry go round. How could you with perfect nights like these.

We play ball in the street and the kids have scooter races down the block. We take over and we run.

The holidays are coming and pretty soon we will be watching the weather for threats of snow...

a sight so rare in the south...

With the first snowflake sighting, the neighborhood kids search their garages for anything they could use as a sled...

and then our winter fun will begin.

But Im not rushing it. 

I want just "One more..."




  1. we've been enjoying the weather outside, too! :)

  2. Had to give in and turn on my heat today- nuff said. ;)



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