Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Glimpse Of November

You know, they were right when they said...

  'The older you get, the faster time goes..."

Here we are... its almost Thanksgiving.
The days have gotten ahead of me. I was just telling a friend this morning that I am so thankful for today. A day I have nothing planned but to stay home and school my kids and tend to my Little Red House. I will happily catch up on my bible study when I can and browse thru recipe books.

Our Thanksgiving Menu is planned and already written out on our family board. It has been inspected and approved by all (who can read!) and some shopping has been done.

It will be a quite year. A first for us! And Im looking forward to it.

Im feeling the need to bring back yesteryear to our table...

Some research will be done and incorporated in our schooling.

Special recipes will be made and family favorites will be sure to find a spot as well.

We have been keeping busy with our studies and church activities. 

I still thank God every day for our co-op and the support of a Christian community that allows us to put our families first before anything else.

Next semester I will help teach a class to tween girls about creating, crocheting and knitting. I can't wait. Time for me to break out my needles and brush up on my skills.

I have my holiday read all picked out. I will reveal it to you later...

It fits right into my theme and I can't wait to curl up on the couch and lose myself in the pages.

But for now, Im going to carefully watch our schedule and make sure we don't overload ourselves this season.

I want to continue the tradition of family focused events.

Nights around the fireplace with good food and friends...

and remember, this is a season of Worship.



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  1. aww that is cute i love the game blurt when i visted America last week me and by forgein exchange family played it!!

    Fair whale



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