Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tis The Christmas Time...

 Thanksgiving is over. It was a wonderful holiday in our little Red House. We watched the parade, had family come in and out our door all morning and enjoyed the aroma of juicy turkey floating through each room.

Like any Thanksgiving, cheesy holiday movies played in the background and after we overdosed on turkey, we collapsed wherever we wanted and napped. My sweet baby and I crawled into our bed and took a nice nap before we started on desserts....

Once evening rolled around, we went down the road to my cousins house and met up with everyone for every single pie you could possibly imagine.

We parted ways and the girls met up a few hours later to indulge in some black friday shopping...

Cause thats what we do!! Gotta work off those calories. Its the 3rd year in a row and I claim it our new tradition!!!... one that our hubbies are not as excited about as we are. Ha!

Wing night happened a day early because the BIG GAMECOCKS VS CLEMSON game was this Saturday night.

Company came over and we had pizzas, chili and ice cream and screamed our AWESOME team to victory. We gave them a smackdown (again) that they will never forget.

It was a proud night for Gamecock fans everywhere... and we are getting used to it. Seems like every year we whip those kittens back in their cage. HA!

 But now that all the football/Thanksgiving hoopla is over, Christmas decorating is in FULL force. Boxes are down and our trees will be put up. I have 3 teeny trees I decorate and 2 big ones. Our main tree (which I still have to get out of our attic) and my
"gaudy" tree in my foyer...

 My gaudy tree consists of everything pink and green and sparkly... feathers and fluff and everything you wouldn't put on a tree. Im still working on the decor and it will take a while before I get it all done but when its done, I will be sure to show you every single angle. My beloved gaudy tree is in my foyer... right as you walk in. HA!!

Our main tree is a BEAUTY. Its artificial but its GRAND! We saved up for a while to buy it. Its very elegant. Lots of golds, greens and consists of a gazillion sparkly, glittery things. Bows, big bulbs and a beautiful Angel sits on top. The complete opposite of our gaudy tree.

I love our Elegant tree and Im very particular of the decor I buy to place on it...

Yea, Im a bit type A about my Christmas decorations. But thats ok...

Today we are relaxing. Hubby has to work and a stomach bug has systematically worked its way through our home. 

Turkey soup will soon be simmering on our stove top and perhaps another tree will be put up.

Until next time...



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  1. Fun times. We had the children and grandchildren here.I made a pumpkin pie with cream cheese in it...a cheese cake...different as pumpkin on top with the cheese cake stuff on bottom. Not made it before and it was yummy! We are getting the tree out of the garage today. Maybe Hallmark ornaments this year or maybe like last year, Precious Moments ornaments. Can't forget the fiber optic tree on a little stand in living room or maybe dining room this year? I love decorating for Christmas. It always looks so bare after it's taken down though. Have a good week!



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