Monday, November 14, 2011

A Quick Recap, Update thing...

Hi Friends!!

I know I left you hanging from our big reunion this weekend, I promise I will write all about that when I have a bit of time on my hands. This weekend was extremely busy and between all of our plans and keeping up with the kids, Im quite exhausted.

I am also still fighting a head cold/allergies or something. Since it wasn't' going away and it wasn't getting worse, I assumed it was Link! Remember that when we first brought him home I had a reaction to him? Yeah, well our late night spooning and nuzzling must be getting the better of my sinuses because I am forever sneezing, blowing my nose and coughing. I have had to make some changes and since locking him out of his room is not one of them, I have to limit our snuggling to just scratching his head and petting him. I still wake up with him on my head and him licking my ear and I sadly have to push him away. He then sleeps on my rocking chair which is right next to my side of the bed anyway... close enough that I can still hear him purr...

I also finally had my appointment with a rheumotologist. I have been suffering with bad knee/joint pain as far back as I can remember but the last few years it has extended to every joint in my body. On cold days, or on days where the weather changes my body hurts something fierce. Flareups now last weeks instead of days and over the counter meds no longer work to alleviate pain. Stairs are avoided on those days and I retreat to bed early. Under my super soft and warm blankets where my body feels better. (don't I sound old??) So, I met her on thursday and she did a complete exam. Since I just have to be different from the norm, I have her puzzled. RA is a thought, along with other auto-immune disorders.

She kindly drained half my weight in blood for further testing and I go back in a few weeks to see what the results are.

I know something has to be done to stop the progression of whatever this is but chronic meds don't appeal to me. God has been so generous and has been surrounding me with people with similar problems who have made major health changes and have seen improvement and avoided meds...

SO research is being done and changes are underway.

I will keep you posted.

We are in FULL holiday swing. Thanksgiving stories and activities are being read every day in our Little Red House. Tonights dinner discussion involved who would be what for our big meal... Indians or Pilgrims. Costumes and hats will be designed and endless pies of many varieties will be baked. 

I can't wait.

Im off, Im always so tired and NEED a good nights sleep, a busy day lies ahead and I want to go visit YOU and catch up with your dailys.



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  1. I hope your doctor is able to figure out what is going on with your body. It is not fun to feel under the weather.



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