Monday, November 21, 2011

Gobble Gobble...

Can you feel it?? Thanksgiving is right around the corner.
In the south, the 80 degree weather might have thrown us off a bit, but the rains came thru and brought us back into November.
Our Little Red House has been filled with holiday distractions... for this week, traditional school is put on hold and F-U-N things are done. Pilgrim stories told 1000 different ways, crossword puzzles, coloring pages and games like...
"Pin the feather on the turkey" are played.

Pies are baked by my two oldest who willingly took over my kitchen and filled our extra freezer with yummy treats for thursday evening.

Todays craft was one of our traditions and something the kids look forward to every year...

Choosing WHO they would be. Pilgrims or indians... you know who won by the picture...

But like every year, tomorrow, they will decide to be pilgrims as well...
And that is fine by me, there is room at our table for all kinds of folks.

Another highly anticipated tradition is our annual Thanksgiving dessert grab bag pick.

Its been going on for as long as I can remember quite honestly. After we stuff our faces with all sorts of homemade puddings and pies, we each draw out a name from a Santa hat and thus begins our Christmas season. Our secret santa gift to each other.
Even my older kids love this. We spend weeks shopping,making and trying to guess who everyone has. as the weeks get closer, our tree begins to fill up as we shower the 1 person we picked with gifts from our hearts. On Christmas eve, we exchange and open our secret santa gifts and enjoy!
Just one of many traditions we do to make our family time special. I have always been big on traditions and sometimes I think I have overdone it... especially when I am exhausted and so much work is still needed to pull it off... but I do enjoy seeing their faces as we anticipate each year and the fun it brings.

 The kids have been busy finishing up co-op activities for the semester and drama performances. Last week they perfomed for their youth group and ROCKED IT OUT. They have an amazing group of kids on the drama team. GOOD kids. I always enjoy seeing them as they give their best.

Christmas plays are being practiced and memory verses are being memorized . My older girls will be cooking for shut ins and we will be attending our Thanksgiving service. I do love this time of year.

A bit of sadness fell on our Little Red House last week. I received news that one of my cousins had unexpectedly passed away. She was 29.

Almost all my family memories on my paternal side had her in them. I couldn't go home to be with my loved ones and pay my respects but I mourned at home. My other cousin Neal spent alot of time with us and we shared every story we could remember. We laughed and laughed at our memories. My aunt looked through her pictures and sent me some. At least we were together down here...

I hate crying. It sounds so silly, but I do. I didn't want to cry about her death but rejoice in her new life... but God had different plans. On Sunday morning, The Pastor asked us to raise our hands to God... Palms up, and offer up our praise. It was then that tears began to flow... no holding back. No trying to push it away. I felt them flow down my neck as I offered up my Thanksgivings to God and saw my cousins face in my mind. a sweet release. Knowing, I could have stood there all day and still not cover all I was thankful for... so instead I offered my flowing and vulnerable... to a God who knew my heart...

I am going out this week to buy beautiful sparkly birds to place on my tree this year. In honor of Melissa. Why birds you ask?? Because for many years when we all would gather in my nana's basement, we would play with little fake birds that my nana had on her tree.

And everytime I see them, I will remember her innocent giggles and the braided pig-tails she always wore in the summertime...

Right now more of my cousins are packing up their cars and starting the long drive from Alabama to my Aunts house right down the road. More memories will be shared. I will meet up with them for Thanksgiving dessert and be surrounded by the people I love so dear. 

My family.

We are not perfect but we are safe and we love each other...

and at the end of the day and our doors close, all that matters in this world is your family...




  1. I'm so so sorry for your loss. I know all too well how the unexpected loss of a loved one can hurt, especially during the holidays as my father died just over a year ago, the week before Thanksgiving. I'm sending hugs and prayers your way....

    As for traditions? You can never have too many! I'm known as the Tradition Nazi in our house and ya know what? It's ok because it is awesome to see how everyone pulls together and finds comfort in those traditions during the hard times!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. So true about the family thing at the end.
    So sorry to hear about your cousin.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Hope you have a wonderful family time.



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