Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday Night

Last night, My family successfully was able to throw my sweet aunt Diana a surprise birthday party... it was a milestone year. One I will not mention right now.

Her actual birthday was Thursday and she was quite sad. I think she missed her other children and her grandbabies. Its been a while since she saw them and after many decades of sharing everything with them, the move away is still fresh for her.

To throw her off, we made her this cupcake and walked to her house thursday night to serenade her and spend a few moments with her.

You know, to make her think THAT WAS IT!!!

And it worked!

Last night, she and my uncle went our for dinner with their son. Their usual Friday night routine.

We high jacked his house and started the decorating.

Once we got the call that they were on their way, the squeals  and shrieks from the kids could be heard from down the block.

But the surprise was a success!! She was shocked!!
And the party began!

I bought her a boa and a princess tiara to wear for the evening.

If you knew my Aunt D.... you would understand.

Of course Michelle and her family were there to share in the fun.

and Neal and my hubby had to get all white and nerdy.


By late in the evening we were still going.

Neal has a whole music room upstairs and he always lets the kids partake in some noise.

He says it does his heart good to see his house full...

You know, it still amazes me to think how our 3 families got together. I mean, family is just that. But when your scattered around the US, you never think you would all be brought together to the same small southern town.

Same with friends.

But somehow we all came together. All living less than a mile apart and sharing in all the "small" things in life.

I never would have picked this arrangement myself if given the choice 5 years ago...

But thats why our Heavenly Father knows best.

He surely knows the desires of our hearts before we do.


We love you...




  1. Ah Happy Birthday to Aunt D. God is amazing how he works things out

  2. That was really sweet of you to honor your Aunt D. I'm sure she will remember that for a long time!
    We surprised my mom, in a way, a few days after her birthday with grandkids and their parents, my sis and her son, fatherinlaw that was visiting from PA and hubby and me. Only person missing was my daughter cuz she had to go to work. Mom's still talking about it! She live in a nursing home!



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