Friday, November 11, 2011

It Only Took 3 Years...

Im so excited...

It only took over TWO years to finally make a SECOND get together happen...

Even though, many different days were in the works, and things kept getting in between...

( like moves to a state NOT in the continental US)

But finally tomorrow, we will pack up our big black van with home made goodies and trek up to North Carolina to visit a family that is larger than ours.

If you need to get caught up then read

It will fill you in on everything you need to know.

Just when we realized our families were kindred spirits, we had to say goodbye...

But they are back!!

And we have so much to get caught up on after the hugs and squeals of glee.

but more on that later, right now I have to go.

We have another BIG surprise later

and I still have SOOO much to do to get ready.

But don't worry, I will be blogging all about it tomorrow!!!

In the meantime, follow me on twitter for up to the minute updates and follow THIS link to catch up!!




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