Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun Fun...

Nana's Christmas gift is assembled and running!! After an afternoon of putting it together in a very cold garage and almost killing himself getting it up the stairs, its being played with non-stop. Even I ended up in the kids room playing away forever. Thanks Nana...we are going to have FUN!! But of coarse now that its up and running all the kids can do is complain they want it back in the garage. Do you want to tell hubby?


  1. What a great gift and everyone looks so happy playing with it. I am not volunteering to tell him!
    Roberta Anne

  2. You can put kids anywhere that is not there 'normal' living area and they think it's so cool. Move things around, change, shake-it up, pull old things out and they are all over it. We bought one of those (not as nice) and it is great when you have company over too. Ours is put away for a little due to space but...maybe when school is done this year.



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