Friday, January 2, 2009

Pretty Pink Tea Party

Its show and tell at KELLI'S house!!! A cold friday afternoon was spent having high tea in the palace suite with 3 of my favorite little guests. Tea was served on princess plates and a handsome gentleman escorted two of the ladies. Pink hats, fancy dress and red pearls were worn.
 Chitter chatter followed along with local gossip and laughs. The afternoon ended with a brawl over some teacups and the tea party ended. We had a lot of fun though!


  1. What a good mommy you are to play tea time with two pretty girls. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show 'n Tell Friday!

  2. I love tea parties (alas it has been a great many years since I've had one with my girls) and love that you are gracious enough to share this one with us!What fun!!!

  3. Oh, so sweet, and a lovely tea party!

  4. What a cute blog and family!! I, too, share your heart's desire to be a Proverbs 31 wife, mom and Nana! All by the grace of God, right??!!

    I have a girls Keepers At Home Club and we will be learning etiquette in the next couple of months and will put on a Mother/Daughter tea to show what the girls have learned! I can't wait!! It should be such fun!! Yours looks great!

    Just stopping by from Kelli's. Thanks for sharing!!

    Blessings for a divine 2009!!

  5. How precious! I love your tea! Your girls are beautiful and your "seater" is quite handsome :). What a great way to spend a day. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    You are always welcome in The Shadow of the Cross. Feel free to come visit anytime.



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