Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh What A Night...

Last night we had a couple of friends over for a relaxing night of chatter and fun even though the real highlight of the night was the new Tv show..."Game in your head...."  What could make a crowd roar louder than a big black man trying to have a conversation with strangers while on a public potty? Ah, you had to see it to believe.
 DiscoDiva and her hubby along with the Bonfire Breens came over for a night of Fact or Crap. We ate, laughed and had some fun...(some more than others based on the pictures ;) Amy won the game based on her extensive knowledge of crap and I was purely shocked and secretly thrilled that my hubby actually participated. He is anti-board games but always surprises me in a group! Im so proud. I should have taken a picture of THAT! Maybe next time?
 Anyway we had some great conversation and laughs while the rain poured down. After everyone left I changed into my comfy p'j's and snuggled under my blanket on the couch to watch House Hunters and listen to the rain fall. Jason tapped away on the keyboard and I slowly drifted off to sleep...The perfect way to end a great night!

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  1. weee that was fun, ok after looking at the pics of me I think DD needs a makeover hahahahaha! Thanks for having us over to play we had a blast! TTYS



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