Friday, January 16, 2009

Houston, We Have A Problem...

We have a problem in our home. Kindness has been a BIG issue and I have had it! Does anyone else have this problem? Yelling,screaming,nasty looks,nasty tones, sour attitudes and selfishness. I have even heard the horrid..."shut up" being thrown around too.  Im so saddened and angry. This behavior must stop and it must stop NOW!!! 
 Solution??? We started a Fruits of the Spirit study in our home school lesson based on the infamous Galations verse. We started with kindness. We talked about what it means biblically, what the dictionary has to say and different verses that reference Kindness. We also listed words out of the Thesaurus that also represent kindness and ways we can show it in our home. I explained to all 5 of the kids (even though only 3 really understand) why we started this lesson, why my heart was saddened and what we could do to improve this. I also made up a kindness chart. When someone else "catches" you being kind to another family or friend they "nominate" you for a purple square. It has to be an act that normally would be reciprocated with a nasty look or anger. They explain to me why that person should get a purple square and then if its approved then they get to color it in. The person with THE MOST colored squares by their name by Valentine's day, gets a special date with either Mom or Dad. B-U-T if you get caught saying the words "Shut-up" to anyone, you get 2 black x's!!! 
 The kids were super excited about our new pep talk. They immediately scampered into the kitchen to start lunch and the kindness was being thrown all over, my marker was busy busy busy... Then I started noticing how quick my little munchkins are. Someone would "sneeze" and the other would respond..."bless you so and so..." then feet would run over to me screaming.." so and so needs a square." To resolve this issue I explained the difference between kindness, manners and common courtesy with examples. So far so good. As you can see by the chart we had one bad egg who wrapped up quite a few black x's... in one day. Im sure you can guess who that little character is. She is my work in progress. My masterpiece,  which might take a lifetime to finish... but when I do,  she will shine brighter than the sun.

Please be sure to visit KELLI'S House. Its Show and Tell Friday and there is so much to see=)))


  1. Are Pastor wrote a book called No Foolishness which helps a lot here. Also we read 'What the Bible says about Child Training' by Fugate. We have the same go on here in seasons.

  2. This is a creative idea to change behavior. You are right that it is a lifetime project--sounds like you are on the right track to nip it in the bud-as Barney Fife always said:)

    Linda C

  3. cool I need to come over and copy what you are doing we really need some kindness going on over here we are lacking it between the kids!

  4. It sounds like you are a really great Mom who came up with a great way to teach "niceness"
    Roberta Anne

  5. I just wanted to stop in to say I think your blog is wonderful - your posts are so heartfelt, sincere and very thought-provoking. It is heartening to see that underneath it all you are a real Mummy, with a real family, looking for answers to the same issues that face many others. Keep posting so that people like me can keep reading.

    Very warmest wishes from County Armagh.


  6. Great idea, Amy. We keep on Nicholas to 'have a heart like Jesus.' So far that's done the trick, but he's young... :)



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