Friday, January 9, 2009

So Many New Things... So Little Time!!

Its been too long since my fingers have typed out a post. Shame on me!!! But I'm here now with plenty to tell!
 Today has been such a busy day... its payday and that means running around from store to store buying anything my budget allows. Don't get too excited... its mostly food but when I hit major sales (like I did today) I get a lot of extras.
 I could spend forever in front of the dollar bins at Target. I walked thru the doors and heard the trumpets sound!! Aisles of pink and red and green. I bought as much as I could, pink pencils, pink notecards,pink gift bags,pink  stickers and pink tea towels. I was in my glory!! Not only were the dollar bins great but the WHOLE store seemed to be on sale!! I found a super soft new blankie for Abigail. She has her favorite pink and brown one but is in need of something else. She rejects every blanket I put in her crib but I think I found one she will accept!! Its PINK, and has all sorts of girlie things on it and its super luxury soft. (see the pic). I also found the cutest PINK glitter sneakers for dun dun..."tomboy" gasp!! I know!! but we compromised and she was allowed to buy sneakers as long as they shined and sparkled. They were on clearance for $5!! The older girls are always in need of shoes so we hit the jackpot and they each got a cute pair and Noah got Batman pj's.. with a cape and all! SOOO cute. I forgot to take a picture of my new frilly apron. Its pink/green/blue floral AND polk-a-dot. 2 of my favorite prints. Now I can look super cute while I bake my heart cookies...
 Ok on to bigger and better things!! Tonight was our annual community meeting. Sadly only about 6 other families showed up. But we became acquainted and INVOLVED!! We want to know exactly what's going on, where our dues are going and what's being done to make this neighborhood safer and better!! By the time we left we made our presence known and Jason was voted VICE PRESIDENT of the board. I my dear friends am the committee director a.k.a (according to hubby) neighborhood party planner and busy body!! Watch out peoples GapGirl is now in charge of planning the parties WHOO-HOO!! Nothing like spending other peoples hard earned money for fun and games. No, I will plan all by the book but Im also in charge of all committees like neighborhood watch, yard sales, pool, flower and so forth. Im so excited. I already have plans to head up a "Yard-of-the-month" (which hubby already said he wants to win) and with my loverboy as VP im sure we can get it started. I am really interested in a neighborhood watch. I already am "in charge" of my own little court. Well, not really but I do go up to people and ask them what the heck they are doing on my block... its a start right? I also volunteered to help with the gardening at our entrance which sadly has been looking a little down. It needs the touch only GapGirl can give and if I have my way I can see some pink rose bushes arriving just in time for spring! How exciting! So we will be busy and I will be sure to post all the latest and greatest that will now be happening in my corner of the world. We are also looking forward to making new friends!
 Our family also welcomed another great addition today.... an air hockey table. Nana's Christmas gift card arrived and off we went to pick it up. Its still sitting in my foyer but tomorrow is the big day. I can't wait to have some friendly competition with the kids and see who becomes the master of the air!!
 January is turning out to be a very busy month for us. banana's big birthday is fastly approaching and its time to start planning the party!! Im co-hosting (with her) a cute game day party and Im hoping all her friends will be able to come! Im also hoping I can convince her to have a pink cake too.... we shall see.
 My sissy-lu might be coming that same weekend with her hubby and my nephew!! Yippie! Just in time to partake in my first soirée of the year. I miss her, its been way too long since the sisters have been in the same room to eat and chat and laugh.
 Well I must be off. Tomorrow Im off to various party stores to pick out supplies, then off to buy some hair bows for my girlies and then Im having some company over for snacks and games... a GapGirls work is just never done.
 I will be back soon, don't forget to stop by and say hi!!
Oh and I started potty training the boy!! Diego pull-ups,candy and lots of bribes. Pray for me, this one is gonna be a doozy!!

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  1. Where to start: you really are busy and it made me tired to read about it all. Congrats on your new neighborhood responsibilities. All your ideas sound great. And lastly I want a pair of pink sparkle tennis shoes!
    Roberta Anne



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