Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A GIANT Mistake!

I hang my head in shame as I write about the Giants defeat this past Sunday afternoon. The family was all geared up and ready for an exciting football day. Everyone found their Giants jerseys,t-shirts and hats and headed downstairs. Jason began frying the chicken wings and our mouths watered!!!
 At 1p.m the fun began... Jason watched and started screaming within the first ten minutes of the game. From that moment on the anger just kept on building. We ate the wings and shook our heads at all the stupid mistakes that were being made by our favorite (and lets face it...BEST) team!
 I couldn't watch it anymore and closed my eyes!! (ok, I napped) when I woke nothing had changed. Shamefully we lost. Our cell phones were going off like crazy, texts were filling up our inbox all containing the same bad news...all containing the same anger we felt. 
 Even though it was a sad day, we managed to have a good time with good food and great memories. We are packing up our GIANTS gear for next year and plan on adding to the collection. Will we change teams you wonder??? NEVER!! We are true BLUE New Yorkers at their best! Dirty air and speed (as in moving fast;) will forever run thru our veins. Next season we will unpack our jerseys, wear them with pride and scream the loudest on our block cheering on our home team to VICTORY!!!!


  1. At least you had some good, home cooked chicken wings. Yummy!

  2. WOw those wings look really yummy, hmm maybe I should have a superbowl party here when is it? lol



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