Monday, January 28, 2013

A P, DC And OT Report....

For a Monday, its going pretty quick, and pretty good... and by good I mean I am not packing my bags to join mommy quitters-r-us. Mondays are TOUGH around here. Getting back on a schedule after a weekend of relaxing is beyond difficult. Im not quite sure why yet? After all, we are a relaxed homeschooling family anyway...

I gave up trying to figure out why and just try to survive. But today was pretty good in my book. It was busy too.
Usually Penelope has 2 Occupational Therapists come to see her on wednesdays. Courtney and Melissa. Melissa has been our Godsend and without her, Im not sure how I would have survived mommy worry without her support or caring ways. But she has left us now. She asked us if it would be ok if she switched kids with her colleague as there is a little baby with very severe eating aversions, a distraught mother and only 1 time slot. The selfish side of me wanted to say NO!! After all, Melissa textx me on weekends for P updates, visits us in the hospital and for procedures. She is like family... not a worker.

But I couldn't. I could not deny that mother the best of the best and knew that baby needed her. With a reluctant heart, I signed the papers to let her go.

Today the new OT came. We knew of her and she knew of us. Actually, everyone in the office KNOWS Penelope and her very strange case study, so it was nice for names to meet faces.
She got to experience P first hand... and anyone that knows our P, knows she IS and experience.
(just ask the kindest gal Angela who watches her at co-op)
Luv ya Ang!
The intro went well. Amanda learned quick that P doesn't do what P doesn't want to do. Daddy won't force a dang thing on her and if the house has to be shook upside down just to get her to eat a crumb...
Then dog-gonit
Now before your inexperienced little manicured hands begin to type me comments about spoiling and such, unless you have cried yourself to sleep praying your daughter would eat and not require feeding tubes or fight off drs who wanted to hospitalize her...
Begone Ye of useless advise.
But Bless your heart ;)

As far as the siblings go, the jury is still out on Amanda but I like her and thats fine. We are a tough crowd and don't welcome newcomers too well.

And we DO look forward to her next visit!

We also broke out Molly's recipe book from her cooking class she takes and made some yummy banana smoothies.
Molly loves to cook and I LOVE that she LOVES to cook and try to encourage her every which way possible. By 8 years old, I usually have them in the kitchen cooking, frying, sauteing, chopping, mixing etc... supervised of course. But cooking is an important skill and Im a firm believer in teaching my kids how to cook. REALLY cook... from scratch. Intimidation in the kitchen is beyond unattractive...
Just sayin!

Anywho... they were DELICIOUS! Even P took a sip.

Speaking of sips, we have some new food guidelines in the house. Im not happy with any of them but we shall see how it goes. To calm P's stomach and ease our wallets with diaper purchases, we will begin to slowly integrate gluten-free products into our Little Red House. P will go mostly gluten free as far as HER sandwich breads and I will try to limit all crackers, rolls and pizza crust to a gluten-free product.. along with pastas as well. Hubby is NOT happy... but maybe I can trick him?
Who knows..

And I might... just might be cutting back on my Diet Coke addiction. I drink it like crack its water. And I just KNOW its horrific for you and since I have some health issues synonymous with the DC... its time to cut back... and then cut off. I think if I go cold turkey, its screaming failure. So my 1-2 a day will go to strctly 1 a day for a week, then 1/2 a can for a week or so... then a 1/4 of a can and so forth. Of course I will stop buying but WILL treat myself to a soda when out to eat... if I even want to by then. Its going to be hard but with Prayer and positive thinking... I know I can succeed!!!
I'll keep you posted!
And because I didn't have my afternoon DC pick me up today, Im too tired to edit. SORRY!!!



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