Saturday, January 26, 2013

And Then The Angels Sang...

I was in the kitchen doing something today, when my phone goes off and I read this:

Well according to her latest MRI, its GONE.


As if it never existed.

Shocking isn't it?

Maybe not so much.

God strikes again. Forever the all powerful who hears the cry of His children.
Facetiming her mom in NY to rejoice over the news.

I don't know why God chooses to heal some and not others. Why some Christians, like Michelle will REJOICE over his sovereignty today while other faithful ones don't get to.
But as a spiritual mentor once said,
We look at it all wrong. We may mourn here but God sees it as a VICTORY when He calls his beloved home. THEY have finished the race and they got hand picked to go home.
Although, its still hard to see it that way when your standing on this side of the finish line.
But it wasn't Michelle's time and in this she can find great rest. She has a long journey ahead of her. The road will be long and tough. Full of trials of all kinds. But God has given her the biggest blessing a believer can ask for.
She can take this new baton and begin the race with full confidence that God will see her through. Her time has not come. She has a job to do on earth. She knows what it is. And she has some fear.
But fear not my friend for God has overcome this world.
This week, He scrolled back heaven just a bit and showed you His plan. And His plan is for you to continue, healthy and strong, with life on this earth.
So my prayer is that she can enter this new phase in this life with anew faith. A confidence like never before...
And you know I will be there...
Every step of the way...
And blogging it all.
Whats the new journey you ask?
Good things come to those that wait my friends....


  1. I love this blog. So happy for your friend!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the good news of your friend's med report. Hallelujah indeed! God is good, all the time!



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