Thursday, January 24, 2013

In God ( We Have To ) Trust...Right??

It really is true that you never know what the day holds. We wake up with a fresh start to a new day. A clean slate...
And sometimes, we can go to bed with that slate crumbled.

It happens every day. To everyone. Always proving that life excludes no one...

Thats what happened to my friend. You, know, my favorite Italian who lives across the street.

What first was a quick trip to the ER for a mild concussion from hitting her head, led to interesting findings on cat scans. The words "must Follow Up."  were just some of the things she heard.

I got the text from her when I was bringing Caleb to his Drs appointment, and of course, I immediately copied the text to my hubby and then forwarded to my sister.
My sis is a nurse. The best nurse and usually always gives me answers to anything I need.

As soon as I got home, I put the baby to bed and ran across the street to check on her. Her hubby was home and her little doggies greeted me at the door.

Her house is complete opposite of mine. Always clean and crisp. Quiet. Her kids were in school. Sometimes I find visiting her house to be a mini-vacation. A place of order. I wonder if she feels the same way about my house? Although knowing her, Chaos, mess and climbing over children to get in the living room doesn't exactly fit that description. But I walked thru...

I found her at the table.


Life was put on hold till further testing was done.

The plans that she was making for spring, now were no longer.

And even though she wanted to smack the life out of both of us, we remained hopeful, optimistic and reminded her that most of the time, these things are NOTHING!

We called my Aunt and arranged for child/baby care and off we went today for further testing. Nervous and dread were a familiar emotion once again. And now we sit and wait for results.

With many questions...

Sometimes I really sit back and wonder WHY? Why does God allow some things to happen? Why does he heal some and not others?

And then I flipped through my phone and found this:

John is not normally that creepy... HONEST
 Waiting anxiously for her name to be called...

And this:

GiGi strikes again... He had no clue he was on GiGi camera
copying recipes he will cook for Hubby this weekend

And remembered that THIS will be the topic of MANY laughs for months to come...

John being a good Samaritan and offering her a ride home

The lady who was HIGH as a kite on downers who fell asleep in the office and attempted to drive home.

 Things happen in life that we don't have answers to... and if we did have all the answers, then what good would a God be?

But He is present in the good times and the bad.

And today I realized how sweet of a God he really is. Despite scary times in our life, He is present. Through laughter and friendships. He is there.

It really does take a village... But not just for child raising. And not just any village.

A village of good friends and family to get us through the hard times...

Plenty of laughs and inside jokes to get our minds off the real  reason we are there.

Prayer. For when we cannot think of the words to pray ourselves. Our friends will intervene for us.


HOPe... when we let statistics take over. We remind them that GOD is the one who gives the final answer...

It takes a village of believers to navigate this life...

Even if your village includes a crazy Aunt who puts bows in your sons hair when she babysits!



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  1. ooh life. We are helping a family in our town whose mom is now suffering from rare cancer. She has God on her side. She doesn't want to leave her young children and husband. She wants to live. I've had people tell me they keep their fingers crossed for her. UM...does that do anything? Probably not. But prayer does. This mother walked through cancer with her little girl who has made it through and now this! Sigh! We keep on believing and helping and praying! Thanks for helping your neighbor and caring! Hugs!



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