Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Sun Before The Storm...

Today was and still is such a glorious day!
With temps reaching over 70 degrees and the southern sun beating down on us, it was the perfect excuse to throw away the books hurry and finish our planned school day and head out front for some street fun.
We hustled and bustled thru our math. Finished telling time and writing our spelling words. Worked in our phonics workbook and began discussing all the creatures that sing in the night. Once babies went in for a nap...
Out the door we ran.
I must admit, the sun felt good. Really really good.
Thats the best way for me to explain it. I just sat on the driveway as the kids ran around and colored the streets with chalk, and soaked in every single morsel.
I walked around my little Red House. So gloomy and brown from winter. I can't wait to start planting some flowers around her. She looks so pretty all fancied up.

Tomorrow the storms come in. On a Wednesday... Always on a wednesday. And always right before I have to leave for church. I swear, the devil transforms himself into rain clouds.. thats how he enters our home. Through inclement weather. That and my fear of driving in it. ANYTHING  to keep me from attending church. But I thought I fooled him this morning... Upon hearing the news, I called hubby who said he would go with me so I didn't have to drive. I guess he took that as a challenge and now tornadoes are expected.
Very well, we shall see what happens.

But I will worry about that tomorrow... and enjoy the black clouds that will roll in tomorrow. The kids and I will likely go for a walk to hunt them down and discuss air movement. What better way to hold a science lesson on air?

Switching gears TOTALLY! 
I was on Twitter today ( do you follow me?? you should... really!) chatting it up with another Large Family Homeschool blogger/friend Amy, when I realized that the amazing ALLUME conference was coming to a city near me!!!

Im beyond excited to attend this year and looking forward to some amazing speakers... but MOST of all...Meeting YOU!! I cannot WAIT to finally see and hug and chat some of my amazing bloggy buddies that I have only been able to communicate with via comments, twitter and so forth.

So, who else is going?? PLEASE let me know...

I am for sure!!!

See ya there




  1. I'm actually worried about the weather tomorrow and I normally don't worry about storms!

  2. GiGi! Thanks again for following along on Twitter.

    Holy moly, you are my hero for homeschooling all your gorgeous kiddos. Although our Maile isn't even two yet, I'd love to know some of your favorite resources for homeschooling curriculum, if you have the time to share. :)



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