Saturday, February 2, 2013

STOP and Receive The Blessing....

I Bet you thought I fell off the blogging world again didn't you?? Three whole days without a post. But SURPRISE! Im here. Just been drowned in Mommy business and all.

Wendnesday I was pre-occupied with tracking those vicious tornadoes that swept across the south... right over our Little Red House. Luckily, where we are, seems to be protected and most vicious storms are either a bit above or below us.

Then Thursday our oven BROKE! 

Yes, completely and utterly broke! I discovered it when I was making chicken marsala and realized it took over 30 minutes for it to pre-heat.... and it still doesn't get hot. This of course, gets my hubby itching to tear it apart. He is one of those manly men who really  do enjoy fixing things.... and has been known to fix other peoples household appliances when we are invited out and he realizes something doesn't work. Yup, thats him. Challenge always accepted and challenge always won! I do think he is just a bit awesome ya know ;)

But yesterday was when I really thought about y'all. It was shopping day. I had tons of food to buy and Publix fried chicken was CALLING my name. Among some of the stops was a little old pharmacy on the other side of another town. Not too far from me but you get the picture.

If I back up the story a bit, I can REJOICE by telling you we FINALLY have an answer to P's latest health issue... NOT related to her eating one. But an answer to prayer none-the less. AND to solve this problem, she needed special compounded meds that most large pharmacies do not make. YES... make!! NOT count out pills out of a bottle..... M-A-K-E.

Upon hearing the news I rolled my eyes. I knew this place would be a hole-in-the-wall old kinda place. You know those places. The run-down part of town. Old building type of places. I was angry that not only did I have to go out of my way, but it wasn't going to be visually stimulating as most new places are. I mean, Heck... why go there when good ol Publix has meds AND fried Chicken right?? In a beautiful building??

But off I went. I grumbled in the car as I drove past what seemed to be the remains of a semi-main street. Old buildings... deserted tire stores... A typical OLD small southern town. Again, I complained WHY couldn't this place be on the newer side...HELLO who the heck would CHOOSE to even drive down this road. Hannah squished her nose at me and happily agreed. And of course in unison, we rolled our eyes as we actually pulled in.

In I walked. Opening the door and stepping in, I was instantly transported back to the 1950's. I couldn't believe it. Even the smell seemed old. A simple old counter lay in the middle of the store, next to a rickety old metal candy display. Heck, even the sign couldn't have been any newer than the 80's. An elderly woman was chatting it up with the pharmacist and she turned to me to share what she was showing her...

"This here's ma dog... on Santa. I take her to see Santa every year for 12 years!!"

I politely smiled and said how cute. She was a cute old lady. Complete with a cane and about two hand knitted hats on her head. She must have been born and bred in the South.... knitted hats and scarves on a 50 degree day... yup!

I didn't mind their chit chat. I found it cute actually....and it gave me time to whip out my phone and start snapping pictures. I had to capture this. I had to share this with you... Right out of Fried Green Tomatoes... I expected to see Idgie Threadgoode bouncing around.

Ok, maybe im exaggerating just a bit... but it was old!

Finally, the Elderly woman left to go feed her cat or something and it was my turn. I was handed my bag of very expensive meds and asked again...WHY it wasn't covered by insurance?? I was a bit perturbed at their cash only policy when I had a very good, very shiny prescription card buried at the bottom of my huge purse!

It was then another lady came forward and began explaining the old way of medicine. Before the days of manufacturers, bulk, generic and the like. We talked for about 20 minutes as she patiently explained how they make medicine for you! By working with doctors and lab results... they specially make medicine thats right for YOUR body. Safe for YOU to take and the specialize in women... who are all so different in needs. Who's bodies don't always respond to bulk generic... because we are NOT. We are all unique and so should our medicines be! I was amazed as she drew pictures for me and talked about formulas....
And how insurance companies don't recognize these as drugs because they are NOT manufactured in plants and factories. But they ARE! Before the 1050's... THIS is how medicine was made. BEFORE big companies took over and dollar signs replaced health on the important scale. Its hard to find doctors that still do this... but they are some in our area.

We chatted a bit and I ignored the texts coming from my daughter wondering if I was being held captive inside...

I left with a different view of that rickity old building... A building I am sure to visit again if I need medicine... Medicine for ME!

I learned once again, at the age of 36, not to judge a book by its cover....
New river rock on the outside and shiny new floors on the inside don't make it better.

I was so caught up with views of what I thought was "right." I lost the view of looking at the heart.

I think I must have told10 people this story yesterday. And I know I completely bored 9. But I don't care....

That little old pharmacy will definetaly see me again.

And maybe I WILL buy some candy off that old metal rack...




  1. we had to use a compounding pharmacy for Jayce when he had to have special zantac made. I hear ya!

  2. I love that you took photos! I live in a very small rural town of PA where less than 200 people live. Almost everyone has the same last name - my last name! The pharmacy is just like the one you visited. It is sweet and quaint. I can find Christmas stickers (left over from the 1960's) in the middle of the summer. It is awesome.

  3. We have one of those here, as well. It is certainly not convenient to get to but it is very fascinating to be in the pharmacy itself. Some things aren't meant to go away, I guess. They definitely serve a purpose.

  4. Lol! Amy, I go there for some of my things too. The ladies are always very sweet and friendly.



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