Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Eye Was On The Sparrow....

Ok, maybe I am being a bit dramatic here... but we were eyeing Carolina Wrens and North Carolina Cardinals.... For me, the sound of birds means SPRING. Early mornings in my screen porch, listening to their songs and sipping my beloved coffee.
Our house is only 5 years old, in a fairly new neighborhood. The kind where they bulldoze every trace of a tree and start from scratch, so birds were really missed. But as the houses were built and the trees grew, our feathered friends started to return. the more neighbors moved in, the more they planted more shrubs and trees... and needless to say, they are coming back.

This makes me SO happy. I sure do miss large trees, all around me, but know in time, mine will grow. In just a few weeks, hubby and I will be getting a shipment of about 5 trees for our backyard. so, to get ready for some new furry residence, we are learning about the types of birds that frequent our area.
We have also set up some feeders in the front and backyard, to get the little fellas used to feeding at our little red house. Every day, my kids are stalking the window with their telescopes,hopefully waiting for one to feast. They go outside and see if any of the food has been scattered. We also go on the internet and listen to their calls.Nothing beats the music of a Wren, in your kitchen, on a cold winters day. We watch nature videos and get an up close view of them bathing and walking. The kids crack up!

We also plan on putting in a bird bath among the elephant ears that grow HUGE in a dark corner of our yard... which also happens to be right near my precious screened porch (not coincidental;) and hopefully our yard will be the envy of all the birdes in the land.

I must be getting old, I MUST! Isn't the love of birds a right of passage to "oldness?" I remember how my Grandmother always loved the birds. How she would talk about them and even had some in her kitchen... and while she stirred her rice and beans, she would sing to them in spanish.

I can't wait till the summertime. When my sliding door is open and the sounds of summer invade my kitchen, but most of all, when I walk out my back door and sit on my wicker couch... to watch all the birds that have made my little Red house their home.
- XoXo GiGi


  1. Birds are great! We have fed them for years from a suet feeder. I have a couple bird books. We've had a rufus hummingbird one year build a nest in our rose bush by our front window. That's daring since there are neighborhood cats including ours. 3 little eggs, one hatched. Loved to wait it. Then it flew away one day. Enjoy your bird watching and learning along with your children.

  2. Indeed, summertime is the perfect season to open up those sliding doors and window! This way, the breeze of the wind and warmth of the sun will perfectly blend as they invade your kitchen. By the way, make sure that you clean up the tracks and rollers of your sliding door. Otherwise, your door might get stuck and hard to open.
    Katie Nicoll



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