Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another P. Report

All good things must come to an end...

And today, in our Little Red House, this certainly rang true.

For almost 2 years our Sweet P. would have therapy twice on Wednesdays... What once was a stressful day which usually ended in tears, turned into a much anticipated hour.

We discussed goals and worries. Made plans and had "Homework."

And the women who I let into my life, and my heart, became like family to me.

They understood my worries and I shared my fears. They visited my P. in the hospital when she was sick and gave her kisses when she conquered a new goal.

They laughed at her silly antics and helped her with her fears.

Today I signed the last piece of paper, closing her case and her goals.

A day I prayed for, was a day I cried over.

Im not sure why and I get so mad at myself for getting attached. Its much easier to go through life guarded and "cold hearted" sometimes. Then days like this won't cause sadness and pain. I hate that sometimes.

I guess because when I finally let someone into my life, and the lives of my children...

There in for good...

And Im very particular over who that is...

I tried to tell Penelope that Courtney would not be coming over anymore and we need to say goodbye... but I don't think she understood. I saw the tears start to form in Courtneys eyes and I tried to change the subject. Preoccupy myself and avoid this one last moment.

Hubby knows me well, and quickly took over as I busied myself in the kitchen and the chaos of the other kids...

He stood at the window and waved goodbye with her...

and just like that our journey ended...

But Im rejoicing knowing that these sweet dear women will go on to help someone else who needs them...

And those kids will be in the best hands.

But we will miss our weekly visits with our friends...




  1. It is definitely bittersweet! We still keep in touch with Jayce's very first EI and his very first Speech therapist (and honestly, all of his therapists he's had since!)

  2. Good to know P is doing better and so glad you had some help. Hugs and life continues!



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