Friday, March 1, 2013

Knocked Up

***Welcome to INFERTILITY FRIDAY... Supporting a friend through secondary infertility and beyond. If your new, catch up here***

 "Whatever happened to the good ol days when we would just get knocked up?" 

I couldn't help but laugh. This was a conversation I was having with a friend from high school when we were both having problems conceiving a child we both desperately wanted. She too, suffered from secondary infertility and turned to medicine to make the miracle happen.

Like many women, the days of getting pregnant from hanging your underwear too close to your husbands was long gone....replaced by timed injections and oh-so-romantic trans-vaginal ultrasounds.
On Wednesday, Michelle's medicine had arrived. By coincidence, I happen to be by the door as our Pearl Jam rockin UPS man came cruising down our court. Penelope's last day of therapy had come and we greeted Courtney as she pulled in. I waved across the street at Michelle, who was also at her door .

Low and behold, the magic of baby making arrived.... In cardboard. Wrapped in dried ice.
When I had a free second, I ran across the street to see the goods.

There we were, upstairs, closed in her master bathroom with enough syringes and alcohol to open our own minute clinic.

"I can't believe this is what it's taking to get pregnant..."

She just kept shaking her head as she pulled more bags out to show me.
I was excited... Again... Ready to do a happy dance. I remembered everything sweet Lindsey had said and was ready to start mixing right there and then. Michelle, on the other band, wasn't feeling my enthusiasm.

I mean, I have no clue why she shouldn't be as excited as I am to pump her body up with loads of synthetic hormones?

Ok, maybe I do have a clue... A small one. But regardless of who is holding the pink and blue Pom poms, this, right here, is happening! Real life starting at 7 a.m. Tomorrow. After a week of being on birth control, and the administering of that first shot, she lays her reproductive future over to modern science.


  1. Praying for Michelle and hubby that she gets "knocked up" this month! I totally understand the pain second infertility can cause in one's life. Can't wait to hear she peed on a test and saw 2 lines!!!

  2. I know Deb. she needs encouragement now more than ever.... A quick text today saying "you can do it " will really really help xoxo

  3. You got it my friend!!! PS If anyone know about 2nd infertility it's me...with the ages of our children I will have been parenting nonstop for 35 years! Yep had our 1st at 23 and our last at 40 with another thrown in when I was 27 so when she is 18 and off to college I will be 58 with a total of 35 years of continuously parenting a child at home. Most do this but it is with their grandchildren not their own children. Gosh just writing makes me feel OLD! LOL

  4. Good to hear the news and praying everything works well for Michelle and her husband this time around. Amazing how science has advanced to helping women get pregnant. Better than the other thing....abortion....not a good word, huh? Hugs and thanks for sharing! I've not heard the term Knocked up for a LONG time! Tee Hee!

  5. Very exciting/stressful/nervous times!! (Depending on which side of the needle(s) you're on. ;)
    Can't wait to hear when she gets "Knocked Up"



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