Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well, Don't Leave Me Hanging....

Yesterday's post is still hanging around today. I was overwhelmed with the response of other women's "soundtracks." And I was happy that we can all just be stinkin honest!!! 

Thank YOU for taking the time to be true!

I fell asleep praying over my home last night ( as I shamefully, always do) and woke up with an excitement in my heart. It was ignited even further when God answered a prayer about something I have been praying about for a while. It was in the form of an email... the first one of the morning. WHat JOY!!!!!  ( I can't reveal THAT just yet, but stay tuned...). And although the day was filled with distractions, frustrations and fights, I managed to keep our soundtrack up above and beyond what it was last week.

The weather helped IMMENSELY, and I managed to soak in lots of vitamin D as well as walk some energy off.

God is good and faithful. He gives us what we need WHEN we need it... Not a bit sooner. Working on changing the temperature of your home is HARD but I'm committed. Consciously, changing it day by day. Not looking any further than today...

So, how was your day today? Was it better? Was it worse? How has God been helping you with this challenge? I would love to chat about it. Leave a comment... And if you recently left one, check back.... I'm getting MUCH better at answering them. 




  1. Today was much better! Praying that I can remember this everyday and ask forgiveness when I slip up.

    1. Me too!!!! It really is taking effort for me, but prayerfully, with time and persistence, I will make it a habit and a permanent change... So excited to see how God uses this.



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