Monday, March 4, 2013

Please Stand By

Please stand by for our regularly scheduled program. Our 3 bathrooms are filled with children vomiting.

I desperately want to tell you all about our fun weekend we had. Dressing up in our Jammie's to get free ice cream and embarrassing all of our kids. How Saturday night turned into an impromptu party at my house... Even when all of our furniture was thrown out and we were scattered all over the floor.
How K- from Quandaries and Quibbles - and her husband joined us and the laughs continued...
She met Michelle, the now infamous " infertile" who half of our small town now knows about...

And then the next day, more friends came over... In the midst of a crisis which may or may not have involved the new furniture and a semi truck that broke down in front of our home. The men-folk of the block gathered around the engine, trying to fix it as best as they could.
I did what I do best... I cooked....

Notice a sleeping Penelope in the rocking chair amidst the chaos

And then one by one the troops succumbed .... And every couple of hours a new child would come down the stairs and join the ranks of the stomach flu.

Alls quiet right now. Kids are recovered and fast asleep. Hubby and I are exhausted and I have TONS of clean clothes to fold. 

But I will sit here and watch the horrible Bachelor (the women tell all) and defend crazy Tierra....

Did I mention it has 4 recliners????

And pray that the sandwich I just ate, stays in my stomach!!!!


  1. oh dear, no fun with all the children being sick. Hope you all get better soon. I've had my share of sickness and 2 visits to dr. in 2 weeks. Am getting better, finally! New furniture? Fun! Enjoy~of course...who wouldn't? I've not had NEW furniture for years. But the seconds have blessed us and are great! Hugs!

  2. Thank you for letting us come into your home and get a glimpse of your life. When we left my hubby said " well...we need more kids!"....and he was being sincere. So, tell your family I said thanks for being so stinking cute!

  3. awww....i hope the sandwhich stays down are strong like bull will be well...just bleach a bit and keep up the your blogs...



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