Thursday, March 14, 2013

As I Wake Up....

My brain is constantly going. Thought after thought after thought...
Most of the time, the thoughts are all coming at once. Fighting to get to the head of my brain... away from the back where about 25,000 OTHER thoughts get lost.

The second my eyes open, they begin. To-do list, who needs to focus on what today in schooling, whats for dinner, Who do I need to call, Who I need to write back in e-mail, don't forget to check vacation quotes for this person, that person for this time.

Thank God my iphone holds half my notes. At night, when I finally crawl into bed, ( somewhere past 11 pm) I lay down and fill in my calendar on my phone... update to-do's.

I try always to end my day and begin my day with prayer. Unplug for the night and put the ipad and iphone to bed. Pray as I turn over to go to sleep and before I even dare remove those nice warm down covers... pray again.

This morning was especially Crazy. My brain was working overtime. With such a busy weekend ahead, Today was my LAST down day before the craziness started...which makes my mind go NUTS!
Its the LAST day to organize. My LAST day to plan and my LAST day to make sure I have EVERYTHING I need to JUMP into the craziness that awaits.

Its like a hen house up in there... thoughts fighting and talking over each other just to get themselves heard.
I can just see them pecking each other and hair pulling....

My ADD kicked in and as I feebly tried to place soild thoughts together for my morning prayer, I must have slowly started to doze off and my prayer somehow turned into a blog post... in PRAYER form. Or vice versa...
Y'all.... I was PRAYING a blog post to God??
Does anyone see a problem with this??

Anybody know what Im talking about???
* Its about this time in my post I will shamefully admit that the above action was NOT the first time this happened...oh no no no no***

Its happened more than once to me, and I have said numerous times before... Thank GOD for HIS grace because LORD KNOWS I need LOTS of it...

So I got up, made my coffee and let the warmth quiet my thoughts for a moment...

The kids already began trampling down the stairs. Half comatose and wrapped in blankets. I let them sleep in on Thursdays. Wednesday nights are spent at church and by the time we come home, unwind and we wrestle them to bed, its late.

***I'd like to now take this time to publicly thank all those wonderful teachers who hype up our children with sugar at 8 pm at night ***

Just kidding, its all good. 

But anyway, here I sit, in the not so stillness and not so quiet of the morning...

And ready to start the day...
My thoughts have calmed down a bit and some have already left after being accomplished. New thoughts will take their place. I will conquer my to-do lists that I wrote at midnight LAST night and make new ones for tomorrow.
Noah will continue his reading lessons, Molly will practice her math and a grocery list will be formed before noon.
Disney Vacations will be booked for a couple of my clients and I will be SO happy for them.
And through the day I will tame my thoughts with prayer... snippets of prayer for friends, family, my business and guidance to help me stay on track..

But Golly-G-Wiz...

I wish my thoughts would give me a break for just a second in the morning....

What about you??

What goes on when YOU wake up?




  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks or prays in blog posts hehe I thought I was going crazy

    1. YOU TOO.?? THANK THE LORD......Lol

  2. When I wake up, my mind says, "Go back to sleep!" ;-)

    1. Lol.... Yeah, I think that thought is up in there too. Ha ha

  3. my brain thinks about the day, lately it's been "how tired will I be today?" I'm get over bronchitis and time change hasn't helped any. Thinking that I need to not sleep thru the alarm and get up and get ready for work. And today, it was a good day! Thank you God!



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