Friday, March 22, 2013

An Early Morning Egg Hunt and a Vlog!!!

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* A quick vlog the morning of!!!!*

"Your beautiful. Even without any make-up on, your the most beautiful woman to me."

waiting to go into the clinic

I stopped applying my lipstick and just listened. A part of me felt as if I shouldn't be here, like I was the 3rd wheel of a very intimate moment between husband and wife.

Here I was, sitting in the back of Michelle's mini-van at 6 in the morning, listening to her husband whisper sweet everythings into her ear.

The sun was still sleeping and even the nurses hadn't shown up to the fertility clinic yet...

But here we sat. Early. and I was privileged to tag along as Michelle and John took one step further to hold their baby!

Today was Egg retrieval day! It was finally here and Michelle was NERVOUS! The night before, we all gathered on her couch as we chatted her nerves away.

And today was the day!

I hardly slept the night before, I was SO anxious I would not hear my alarm and oversleep, that I woke up too early and I was half asleep...

But I applied double the make-up and wore a new cute outfit to counter-act the delirium.

Michelle wasn't allowed ANY products and as I was spraying perfume in the van, she mentioned she felt so B-L-A-H...

Thats when her husband chimed in and reminded her what his version of beauty was.

( Um please don't ask me WHY I was spraying perfume at 6 am... I hardly slept REMEMBER?!!)

In the elevator on the way up

Anyway, After cracking jokes in the waiting room and discussing how she can be the next octo-mom, she was quickly whisked away to the procedure room to start the process.

Nurse Lindsay said from start to finish it would take about 1.5 hours. Easy peasy. 20 minute prep, 20 minute procedure and about 20 minute recovery...

General anesthesia would be administered.

So we waited. And waited and waited...

What seemed like forever and a day went by before the nurse came back for John..

" WAIT!! Can I come??"

Because no other procedures were going on that day, so I was allowed back there as well.

The nurse chatted as John and I walked into the back..

"Michelle did great, she was a bit nervous and didn't want the medicine we gave her... she tried to get out of it but she did good..."

I laughed... knowing Michelle, that translated to:

"Get the H&** away from me with your friggin meds and needles. I don't want your dang drugs!!!"

Yup, that sounds about right.

As she opened the door, there she lay, drugged out of her head, sleeping soundly. John went over to her and kissed her face. I, of course, started taking pictures.

Lindsay assured us everything looked perfect. It went beautifully and the Dr. was able to retrieve 12 eggs!!!

12!! So far, she beats octo-mom...SCORE!

The baby team. Nurse Lindsay and Dr.

John and I kept cracking jokes back and forth over Michelle as she lay, still out cold from the meds.

But pretty soon she woke up. And by up, I mean feisty.

"Why is your phone going off?"

"Wheres my hat! I need my hat on."

"How are my bangs?"

- " SHHH Michelle..."

Please comment on that hat she insisted on wearing please...

But she just kept on rambling...

" Put my HAT ON!"

"Did I shave?"

"GiGi, Did you shave??"


" Who's next to me?"

"What is she here for? What is she having done?"


" I feel like laughing.."

Oh God... Please don't let her start laughing.
How many drugs did they give her??

" I have to pee..."

Just lay there and smile Michelle...

Luckily, with each weird request, she began to regain consciousness and the Dr. was able to come over and congratulate her on the most perfect egg retrieval possible.

I bid them farewell and let them have their privacy as I headed home.

Sometimes 3 is a crowd.
It was time for them to have their moment.

I was honored to have been there on the day her babies would be conceived. The day those mass of cells would take their first journey towards LIFE...

The next day the phone rang... Out of the 12, 8 little babies were fertilized and were growing. Their journey would begin. Its going to be a tough road for them. Statistically, not all 8 will survive. They will continue to grow for a few days and they will be checked to see how they are doing.

In the meantime, Michelle continues shots. This time in her behind!

Getting ready to carry those babies.

We text back and forth and think and pray for those little babies fighting hard for life. As a mom, I just want to squeeze them and cuddle them. 

Im sure Michelle feels the same. A huge mommy-grin comes across her face whenever she talks to me about her babies...

The safest place for them to be is with their momma...

and in just a few days, that will happen...

And prayerfully,

in 9 months, they will meet.

And she will hold them...

And I will remember this day. The day their soul was formed!

If you can remember, please pray that those babies grow and enough remain to be implanted in Michelle and grow!

Thanks my friends...




  1. Awesome! Amazing! And I mean her hat - just kidding! God is good!

  2. I know I keep saying this but I am seriously SO excited for them! There is amazing technology and science out there that allows couples to do this and I am so happy for all of them that do this. I am loving IVF Fridays!!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy them!! I'm so excited too! Xoxo

  3. So thankful this is happening to a couple who wants babies. 8 is a good number, no more after that? :0) praying for everything to work out fine. Thanks for your vlog, got to hear your voice. I think Michelle's hat was becoming her for the situation! Hugs!

    1. Lol!!! You crack me up! Xoxo thanks for the love and support!



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