Thursday, March 21, 2013

Children of The Corn.

Remember when I mentioned that we were planting our lil old garden from seed?? Well, somewhere between me stuffing my face with corned beef and the 70 degree day we had this past weekend, the seeds turned into sprouts and are outgrowing their little home.

They are currently on the landing of the stairway. 

Behind Faith they reside...

Surrounded by family and prayer!


With bright sun and away from lil miss Penelope's prying hands.

For the record, I caught her plucking the thyme out leaf by leaf... This was AFTER she dumped her Rice Krispies. 

Yup, that's my P.!

The corn looks the cutest. All tall and strong. Ready to be rubbed with butter and roasted on my grill...

I know, I know... All in due time.

But Molly is excited and so am I. Especially since I bought one of every type of hot pepper to make our own HOT SAUCE!!! 


Tonight, we will be re-potting the pumpkins and corn into bigger pots so they have room to EXPAND!

I also just placed a HUGE online homeschooling order. I have been stalking the mail since. It should be arriving tomorrow... While I'm at co-op all day, and then having the in-laws over to dinner. You know, when I have NO time to sort thru them and roll around with them and smell their new smell. It wouldn't come TODAY, when I am HOME ALL DAY, doing nothing but schooling and cleaning...

But I am excited either way.

I'm also excited for tomorrow's infertility Friday post. Have you been following Michelle's journey?? Well you SHOULD!! If you need to catch up then start here!
Then co-op is tomorrow, after a long break.... And then DATE DAY with my man! He surprised me late Monday night and told me we are headed out THIS Saturday.... Gosh, I love that man!

My hubby... with much less facial hair!!
I'm also still bouncing off the walls with excitement over my last minute decision to attend 2 to 1!! An amazing weekend, with amazing mommy bloggers and NEW friends...

I'm excited.

Im hoping I don't scare too many people away. I never did fit into the "normal" homeschooling circle.

 I'm loud, bouncy and a bit nuts...

with acrylic french tip nails and short (er) skirts.

And don't forget the perfume..

My God... The perfume!!

But my heart lines up with Titus 2 like no other.

If they judge this book by its cover, their socks will be blown off.


But I still have SO many things to prep for before I'm gone...

Busy busy busy we are... How 'bout you?




  1. I love that you are blogging again :) Exciting things coming this weekend for you!

  2. Jealous of your date night! Have an awesome time!

  3. Resting from a day at work. Hoping to feel better so I can get so i can get some needed shopping done. Hope u had a nice date with your dear husband. That's always fun. God bless.



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