Friday, March 15, 2013

When Rivers Flow Thru The Desert...

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Nurse Cindy injecting the timed HCG-3/14/13

" I will make rivers flow on Barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs..."
Isaiah 41:18

Dawn, my cousin-in-love, first introduced me to this verse back in the winter of 2010. A few months earlier, their ENTIRE extended family began the migration process out of Pennsylvania. All for different reasons, and with those reasons came many struggles. Adversity struck on every corner, but their faith never wavered. They held on to Jesus for dear life and weathered the storm. Now, Three years later, they are able to see how GOD created Streams of life in their Desert.... even though during the storm they often wondered:


I think she tweeted the verse, and after I saw it, I highlighted and starred it in my bible to forever remember. I was born and raised in the church, and thru all my years studying the bible, this verse never stood out as it did THAT particular day.

Today, that verse remains on the forefront of my life. When new challenges are put before me and all I want to do is run away, I remind GOD that he PROMISED to make rivers flow....

Three years ago (almost to the day.) Two acquaintances met on the playground of my local Zoo. I was pregnant with my little miracle Penelope and she was just coming out of a devastating loss. Looking back on that sunny southern day, we never were to guess that she was stepping into her Desert.
A place where her hopes would shrivel up and her dream would die. A place only "others" are supposed to go to....

3/2010 meeting after MANY years...

This Saturday marks the halfway point of Michelle's IVF journey.


The "thing" she always thought she would NEVER ever be able to do. Financially it was laughable. Emotionally it was too draining and spiritually.... well, it requires the faith of someone MUCH more faithful than her.... or so she thought.

Nurse Cindy mixing her 49th injection since 3/1/13

But God made a way. Each and every time.

" Is anything too hard for The Lord?" Genesis 18:14

This Saturday, early in the morning, I will accompany her to her retrieval. I have joked around and called her the great egg layer... but for 20 minutes THIS Saturday, the Dr will perform another miracle of science. They will retrieve eggs from Michelle's ovaries and immediately they will begin the process of the Invetro Fertilization...

A few days later, she will have them transferred back into her, into their home where they will grow....

Such a miraculous process getting some help by modern science.

I'm aware of the huge controversy surrounding IVF and I'm not here debating what is right or wrong...

Nor do I care too.
In Michelle's case, God has made himself clear and evident with each and every step... Just like science has helped SUSTAIN life and HEAL life that would have otherwise prematurely died due to illness... It is helping to CREATE life. 

Lord knows we NEED medicine. If not for science, I would have died months ago, leaving 7 kids motherless...

I'm so excited to have seen FIRSTHAND how God has made a way, when there seemed like no other way. How He has sent angels along her path to remind her that He was STILL with her...
And I know one day, she will share this journey with her child and he will wrap her arms around his mother and say...

"Thank You mom... Thank You for never giving up on me."



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  1. Praying!!! Thanks for that reminder Amy! You've given me a faith boost today, and today I needed a little outside help! Love you and Michelle both lots! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Good Luck!! I read this every Friday! I am so excited for her!

  4. I have so enjoyed looking through your blog! You have an absolutely beautiful family. Always fascinating to read through another woman's journey...praying for Michelle as her story unfolds. May God receive the glory...



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